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'Gator? I hardly knew her!

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The Allengator's Request for Requests
Ice King, Adventure Time
Hey guys, just wanted to get some feedback. Obviously I have had a bit of a dry spell on here lately but I really want to change that. I need to get back into typing and coding so I want to work on this blog more than I have. The only problem is that I have no idea what people want to hear from me. I have a lot of interesting stories and ideas, but I would like to hear what you want.

Would you like more audio blogs or audio reviews? What about anime stuff? Should I get back to reviewing titles for the heck of it? Are there any features you miss and want to see make a comeback (I can just see the crowds wanting Petey and Mega Media Monday back)? How about something new? I'm open for suggestions.

Just a reminder on what I refuse to blog about. I don't want to drag religion, sensitive topics, or intimate personal details or my life on here. I have always wanted this to be a simple blog of awesomeness, so I prefer to not drag that sort of stuff on here.

So if anyone still reads this, could you let me know what you want to see on here? I can't guarantee that it will be epic, but I will try to give it a spin that only I can deliver.

Blog atcha later!

The Allengator

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It's really up to you, I know I have to get back to my blog. It's just between the games and anime I don't have much free time. Plus I just got back from Disney which in itself a rant on the first day would fill up entire day writing.

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