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Thought I would try something new on here. Since I'm blanking on a whole-sized entry, I thought I would try something new for the umpteenth millionth billionth gazillionth time. These are some short anecdotes that I find fascinating or ventfull. So here is the short stuff!

Response to the Previous Entry

So some things happened and besides unforeseen weather issues, I should be able to make it to the convention both on the Friday and Saturday that week. It will be a nice way to spend my vacation away from work going there and spend time with my fellow geeks. So sorta disregard the previous entry. I will be there, again, assuming things go well.

Vacation Time

As mentioned above, I will be taking an extended vacation away from work. I will be gone from the 15th to the 26th and I can not wait for that. One thing I have trouble with is coming up with plans. One thing I will be doing is looking for a job and going to the convention. Aside from that, I am trying to come up with some plans to keep me busy. I think at least one day I will be going out of town if not several days.

On the television show The Office, there was one episode where one of the main characters, Jim, was planning on going on a trip but could not decide on a destination. He keeps asking people on where he should go and the best he got was going to New Zealand to walk the Lord of the Rings trail. Another character, Ryan, says this "Jim works in the same place everyday, eats the same ham and cheese sandwich everyday so if I were a betting man, I would say he will have a nice weekend in Philadelphia." That is me in a nutshell. I would love to take a 2+ day trip, but I'm stuck with my parents and they expect me home every night so my options are severely limited. I have three different cities I go visit on a day trip, so maybe I will make one or more of them. Its predictable, but at least I won't be hitting bars and going through with some actions of questionable judgment.


Ever since I've been out of school I've grown accustomed to just doing the same things over and over to cover up my boredom. I think that is what has contributed to my not updating the blog as often. Whenever I talk with my friends, they always ask me "What are you up to?". I usually say "Nothing." Truth is that I'm rarely doing nothing, but I am doing nothing of consequence to anyone, for example I spent most of last week rewatching the first six seasons of The Office again. I also rewatched Oh Edo Rocket and just started with Big Bang Theory again. It's not that I watch these, but they are a nice background noise so I am not left alone with my thoughts, which has gotten me into trouble.

Aside from these, I'm almost always on the Internet. I revisit my usual haunts more often than I should and I end up playing a game like VNES or something on my lappy. I've recently gotten back into playing Free Cell and Spider Solitaire. Right now my focus is on the excellent hacked mod of the original Legend of Zelda called "Outlands". It is hard, but it keeps me occupied. It has made me think about how certain enemies act alike, such as the Darknuts and the movement of Link or the similar flight patterns of Keese and those helicopter thingies.

The above paragraph is why I shorten my responses to "nothing". I doubt any of my friends who has a life would understand even a sentence of that, or would care for that matter.

The Game

People are annoying me on Facebook about "the game" also known as the Super Bowl. Let me get one thing clear. I. Do. Not. Care. Even the halftime show of Slash with the Black Eyed Peas didn't not warrant my attention. Anything with the Black Eyed Peas is automatically ruined. The only thing worse than that group would be Lady Gaga. You have no idea how many times I hear the song Bad Romance in my car when flipping through radio stations. It's enough to make someone mental. Sure, it is sorta catchy, but what gets me is that she feels the compulsive need to repeat her stage name on there over and over and over. Ga ga ooo la laaa. GAAA GAAA. She sounds like a freaking baby for goodness sakes. Oh, and she is ugly and a fame monster.

Anyways, I don't even care about the commercials this year. In years past I would catch what little of the Super Bowl just for that, but I found myself not caring this year. I still blame the Black Eyed Peas for that.

Another App

That's right. I'm finally apping on Facebook, but it's with a Square Enix game that I'm not obsessed with, but it's fun to play and waste about 5 minutes a pop with. It's called Knights of the Crystals so check it out.

In Closing

That is it. Hopefully more updates on here will make it your way!

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