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The Resolution Solution

New Years is the time I typically go into my "Best of..." lists and whatnot, but I am not doing that this year. I thought for a change of pace that I would just talk on here about random nonsense until you go away. Right? Right.

Fine, here is my list of accomplishments and good memories of 2010. I dated a couple of girls, I went to nationals in a web competition, and I graduated. Other than that, the year was either sucky or blah. There's your 2010 list. Good night!

But in all seriousness, this is the time of year where people reflect on their lives. I don't know what elevates people at this particular time, but I've never understood most human conventions anyhow. Maybe I'm a Sheldon on a smaller scale. I know it has something to do with the digits in the year changing, but I think that just translates to "Crap, wrote the wrong year on the check AGAIN" two months later. It will be 2011. 2011.

Resolutions are a major part of the holidays, but I think a more appropriate time to do that, if there is such a thing, is your birthday. Now if you were born on New Years, then you get a double whammy. I mean our lives are continually getting older and we can't turn back the clock. Put it this way, and I think this puts everything in perspective. When we are born, we begin the process of dying. Ok, that was unnecessarily morbid.

Anywho, resolutions. I read some anecdotal evidence that only about 12% of people meet their resolutions. Tru fax. So if your resolution is "To stop smoking", then the odds are against you. What we need is a wake up call. When I got my medical problem a few months ago, I've watched what I eat and tried to be more active. Wake up calls are what we need, not some spur of the moment for the sake of tradition.

Wait. Is this supposed to be funny? Hmm. Unicorn butts.

For several years I've made what I call "not normal resolutions" which included "pass math class" "hope that I don't get in a car accident" or, my personal favorite "Try those new flavor of Cheetos". I tried a traditional one a year or two ago, I don't remember when exactly, and it failed miserably. The whole "finding a girlfriend/soulmate (even though I don't believe in those)" hasn't really worked out so I've stopped resolutions altogether.

Part of the problem with them were the fact that they really weren't resolution, but more like goals. A goal is something you want to accomplish. A resolution is a statement of immediately changing away from a bad habit, like smoking or petting lions. "This year I resolve to not get in a car wreck" is hardly a resolution, unless you make it a habit to crash into someone every time you travel to the local WallyMart. So my "find a better job" isn't a resolution, but more of a goal, so if I do anything for New Years, its set goals, not resolutions.

That being said, my top goal for the year is, and this should come as no surprise to people who personally know me, to find a better job. In this down economy, it will be hard, but once the holiday is over, my efforts will be doubled. You can take that to the bank. I have been discouraged and depressed about my situation, but I need to keep my head up and go forward. Maybe not waste as much time watching anime or fighting counter-terrorists in Counter-Strike.

As far as actual resolutions go, I am actually quite content with the aspects of my life, even the ones people see as negative. I don't have a desire to be a sculpted masterpiece. I don't smoke or drink. I have the occasional energy drink, but nothing serious. I guess maybe "get in better health" would be a good one. Get my stats more into the normal range so I can have a better peace of mind, but that will come with time and commitment. A resolution won't change that.

Plus, as I mentioned, most people fail in their resolutions in the end. So maybe my resolution is to become the fattest, most unhealthy person in existence and to make sure no women would ever want to be in a relationship with me.


.....with my luck I will be in the minority statistic. *Facepalm*

The Allengator, 2010.
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