Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Best Dancing Scene, EVER!

I have no idea what I am going to name this entry, so I am leaving it blank until I am done with my pathetic drabble on here.

I am getting ready to clean the rest of my car out for Tuesday, which I am so psyched about.

Oh yeah! Three's Company: Season 6 is probably one of the best since season 3. There's an episode (And Now, Here's Jack!) where Jack has to prepare a meal on the air and brings Terri and Janet as his assistants. They all get stage fright and.....its just too hilarious for words alone. The other (Up in the air) is probably the best example of a scripted dance routine in a sitcom, EVER! Jack has to go as Janet's "date" to a party, located on a private island. They have to travel through a single engine plane and Jack is petrified of flying, so his friend, Larry, gives him some tranquilizers to calm him down. He takes two and is all overly-mellow at the party and does some of the most hilarious physical comedy I have ever seen. After that, a guy gives him "The Rocket", a homemade concoction that gives a person a HUGE buzz, and Jack drinks it against his roomates decisions. He starts going crazy and does the extremely hilarious dancing scene. Its THAT good. You have to see it. Its great.

I am also getting a digital camcorder Tueday. Itll probably be home when we get back from our trip. I'll have the rest of the week to mess with it!

Well, I am going to go clean now, and make a list of things to search for Tuesday and Wednesday. I hope to update soon!

Thank you for reading.

CONFORM! DRINK VAULT! (Even my hottie likes it!)

The Allengator

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