Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Letter to #!%% Technical Support

The Allengator is massively P.O.ed. As I have mentioned in my previous entries, the good lappy is off for repairs to some undisclosed location. The box says "Texas", but the people in the support center do not sound like they are from Texas. So I sent them a scathing note. Behold my bite.

Dear #!%% Technical Support (Its not profanity, its to "protect" the name of the company, not that I really care.)

I am disgusted with your service. As you know, I sent off my laptop computer to be repaired over two weeks ago for a simple monitor replacement. I have yet to hear from you, save for some phone messages you are sending me about twice a week. I have sat down and listened to these people talk. Their accents make it impossible to decipher what they say. It's true. I had 5 other close friends and family listen to the message "Bob" left for me. No one could make it out. I would have called the number, but it sent me to the call tree of doom. Three times I have been left a message and three times I could not make it out, but the third time I listened to it 20 times, and finally picked out words that sounded like "Ownership Transfo Brefore Wii pairs are contreeted." I think they are referring to the ownership thing and I have a few words about that.

Who the heck designed this program? I thought when I registered the laptop that it was, in effect, transferring the ownership. Now I find out that it does not in fact mean the same thing. I was not made aware of this issue until after I sent off my computer, which has the valuable information I need to make the transfer on it. This raises many questions. The most important ones being, "Why was I not informed about this until AFTER I sent in my computer?" "Why do you refuse to repair it until I claim ownership of it even though I paid for it to be done" "How is sending in a computer for repair, with my name and address on the shipped box and letter on inside NOT proof of ownership?" and "Why is this ownership process not automated with the registering of the computer?"

The main reason for my disgust is twofold. The first is that your people cannot leave a message to save their life. It took me this whole time to understand what they were saying. Secondly is this whole ownership fiasco is just a bureaucratic hooey that almost seems too convenient for you given my circumstance. I simply want the work I paid, that's right, paid (Its on my bill already. You guys seem to want that even though I'm not the true "owner") for, and to be able to answer my phone without worrying about having to hire a part time translator.

Please provide better customer service to move this process along.

Allen C.

So that was the letter I emailed to tech support. Here was my response:

Dear Allen C.

We're sorry to hear about your troubles with our technical support 24/7 system. Unfortunately the address you emailed to was for technical support issues. This note needs to be sent to our customer service link on our website. You can also call 1-800-@#$-@#%@ for further assistance. Thank you and have a nice day.


After yelling to the heavens and cursing Sanjesh for being a perennial lazy bum for not sending me the correct email, I sent the same letter to the "customer service" link and received confirmation for my email.

Dear Allen C.

We will look over your email and respond by the next business day (blogger's note: Since this is on Friday, that means Monday). Thank you for writing to #!%% customer service.


Now I just want to cry. I may never get my lappy back. Stay tuned for more excitement in this matter.

The Allengator

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