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Audio Anime Review: Eden of the East

Hey there! Its been almost a year since my last one, but I have finally found the time to make an audio anime review. This time I talk about the series Eden of the East that was recently released by Funimation. So go into the cut and enjoy the fruits of my labor.

And don't make fun of my Juiz voice.

Download the audio.

Watch the series on Youtube

Series Pros:
  • Great characters
  • Excellent plot development
  • Beautiful animation

Series Cons:
  • Plot drags in the middle some

Who would like this series: Really should be anyone, but especially people who enjoy mystery or conspiracy-type movies.

Plot: A
Characters: A
Dubbing: A
Music: A-
Animation Style: A
Rewatchability: A
Overall grade for the series: A

That does it for this edition of Audio Anime Review. I can't make any promises, but I think my next one will be my impressions of Hetalia Axis Powers. I lost some files from a recent virus so it will take some time to figure out which series I still have yet to review.

Until next time!

The Allengator
Tags: aar, anime, eden of the east, reviews

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