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Audio Anime Review: Eden of the East
Ice King, Adventure Time
Hey there! Its been almost a year since my last one, but I have finally found the time to make an audio anime review. This time I talk about the series Eden of the East that was recently released by Funimation. So go into the cut and enjoy the fruits of my labor.

And don't make fun of my Juiz voice.

Download the audio.

Watch the series on Youtube

Series Pros:
  • Great characters
  • Excellent plot development
  • Beautiful animation

Series Cons:
  • Plot drags in the middle some

Who would like this series: Really should be anyone, but especially people who enjoy mystery or conspiracy-type movies.

Plot: A
Characters: A
Dubbing: A
Music: A-
Animation Style: A
Rewatchability: A
Overall grade for the series: A

That does it for this edition of Audio Anime Review. I can't make any promises, but I think my next one will be my impressions of Hetalia Axis Powers. I lost some files from a recent virus so it will take some time to figure out which series I still have yet to review.

Until next time!

The Allengator

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I like how the series focused on NEETs and how they can change the world. The middle did drag on a little too long. Was No.11 really that important compared to the other Selecao? She was hot and somewhat interesting, but that's it.

I posted my observations on this at:

Would you say it's one of the best series of this year?

Yes, I think Eden of the East is the best R1 release of this year. I think there are messages in the anime that are both entertaining and intellectually stimulating. I know you touched some on that blog post you linked, and I'll try to leave a message there, but I can very much relate to the NEETs on that series. I have finished my education, am ready to enter the world of work, but no employers in my field will even bat an eye at me because "I lack the proper experience". How can I get experience if they don't even give me a chance? I have a sucky job right now, but its not in my field.

Getting back to the anime, I think Eden of the East is more accessible to casual anime fans because of the topics and genre. Its not another moe, harem, robo, sci fi, or underachieving series. It is a series that has a fresh feel to it and stands out with modern releases that are offshoots of "more of the same".

Hmm, yeah, it's very real. That's what I like about the series. It relates more to reality compared to moe, harem, most mecha, sci-fi series.

I think the Internet has a chance to make you rich if you're passionate about something, want to express your thoughts, and work your butt off for it.

I see the NEETS are focused a lot on the 'Net and they could profit off of being "Internet junkies", depending on subject matter. I just think that motivation is the key, which some suffer a lack of.

Yeah, I think you're right. The situation seems out there, but I think it is more realistic than most other anime. Perhaps that is why I also like the anime Baccano more, not just because its an anime based in America, but that immortality aside, it has a more realistic vibe that you get from other television shows.

I wish there was such a thing as a "Professional Internet Surfer". That would probably be my dream job after animatronics. I guess I am more of an Internet Junkie and so I can relate more to NEETs on that level. Thank you so much for your insightful comments and blog entry!

Well, it all depends on the material you're into on the Internet. Like those people making crap loads of money doing nothing but surfing the Net at times. Though you have to seriously work your ass off for it.

I think making money off blogs is the best thing a NEET could do. Maybe, since they are so into the 'Net. But, I wonder, do they care enough and want to prove something to the world?

I'm sure some do and some don't. I'm waiting on CBS to give me a television deal based off of my blog on here. Its a freaking gold mine of creativity. /Sarcasm

Ideally, I would love to break through on the Internet, but I'm just another nerd who blogs for no reason. I haven't really found that one entry that goes viral yet. Personally, I would rather have a more steady job at a company than something as volatile as an internet audience. Look at Hyperbole and a Half. That is a NEET who knows what she's doing.

Ahh, I'm trying to use Manga Therapy to help develop my personality on the 'Net and establish myself on the Internet.

I plan to make some money off my blog and/or find a very lucrative job based on the blog I have. It will take a while, but I do have a job to help fund blog ventures.

Yeah, I would like to be like Hyperbole and a Half to a certain degree. I would like to get to that point: with careful planning and strategy, of course.

I hope my blog can get to that kind of popularity someday, but its hard breaking out in the vast sea of blogs out there. I just want to have a job where I love what I do. I sincerely enjoy blogging, but I doubt anything on here could capture national attention. I would love for it to, but I have to be realistic here. Realism: The dream killer.

I hope your blog works out for you. I'll try my best to follow it.

I think I'll be able to achieve something. I'm pretty realistic myself. That's why I'm taking my time to make sure the blog will work for me. I'll just keep at it and see where it goes.

Thank you very much!

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