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The Entry About My Current Musical Tastes During the Month of October in the Year of Our Lord 2010

See? I'm getting better at this updating thing, right?

Now this entry may not have a ton of coherence..ness, but I'm trying my best to get back into the habit of making more than one entry a week, if my schedule can handle it. Fortunately, I have a TON of free time (loner complex) so its not like I have anything else better to do.

My music listening habits can border on the weird side from time to time. When people nab my iPod at work, they look at the songs and the question I hear more often than not is "what's with all the foreign music on here?". I correct them and tell them that they are soundtrack songs, mostly from anime and Japanese video games (I frequent my Ouendan songs on there). I've always enjoyed music on television more than most people do. If I hear a song in the background that I like, whether its a commercial or show, I have to listen to the whole thing, usually on Grooveshark. This has also made my collection of music collect many indie songs.

However, my tastes in music changes from time to time and my tastes also continually evolve. Right now I am on a hair band/metal kick. I love listening to the House of Hair radio program, and I've been listening more to the metal station that I can barely get reception for. Its kind of sad that I went from "Tie a Yellow Ribbon 'Round the Old Oak Tree" to "Gouge Away". However, my musical tastes become more depressing than that.

This may be the most embarrassing thing that I have admitted on here, but I actually liked the song "Hey There, Delilah" once upon a time (the acoustic version, not the one with the sucky orchestral addition). I have since stopped listening to it, mainly because one day I walked by a tween girl in a car and she had the song blaring the airwaves and "sang" along to it. Tween girls ruin everything they love. Just look at vampires.

I've also listened to about half of the "American Idiot" album, which I still contend to be a good album, overall. However, I usually don't listen to it unless I'm either in an emo mood or if I'm depressed. So yeah, I've been playing it a lot lately. "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" really speaks to me right now.

Another sin I must confess on here is that I have a....ugh....Chris Brown song on my player which I can only blame on late night insomnia and poor judgment. The song is actually what plays on the background of this viral video, but that's still no excuse, right?

Last night was actually a turning point for me, because I actually downloaded (again, probably due to insomnia and poor judgment) another Plain White T's song called "The Rhythm of Love" and is actually one of the few "light" and "acoustic" songs I have on my player. I usually prefer loud or fast music, but the song is laid back and not one you would bang your head to. Its more of one that you can see yourself slow dancing with a significant other to. I....I like it. There I said it. Its a very nice song that isn't about being alone or send you into a spiraling depression. My only hope is that the song never becomes popular, because when it becomes popular, it gets played on every top 20 radio station and the nice effect is ruined. Everyone will hear it and I will start despising it.

Mainly because tween girls won't stop playing it. Tween girls ruin everything they love.

The Allengator

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