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The obligitory first entry

Life Happens

I knew this would come, my first entry.

I usually spend most of my time and energy into writing a very elaborate first entry, but I spent quite a bit of time on my profile so please read it. It will explain the people and places, which I do not want to remind people about over and over again. Less heartache for the two of us.

I am trying to work on a domain right now. A nice web page, but alas, I sucketh at it. My current homepage is at . Please read the "about me" section. Also check out and look up jazzytrombone. My old journal which I will try to keep up. I also have a few small accounts across the wide web, but too small to mention on here for now. I will import my minuscule, short-lived xanga entries on here next, to give this thing some "meat and potatoes".

Best Wishes

The Allengator
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