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A Time Filler Entry

Ok, I figure I need to find someway to get my journal more "out-there".  I figure I will invite my friends to read it, and hope something will start up. 

I will talk about Saturday night in some detail in the future, well, my account anyhow.  Would love to hear yours sweetie!  I also took a major step in advancing our relationship.  I gave my love what she's wanted for sometime.....a promise ring.  Again, I will elaborate on this in the future when I feel like it.  Its really cute.  It's a band of gold that contains 2 linking hearts that have our birthstones in them, and have our names etched on the is pretty, which will never compare to Erin......nothing from earth will, maybe remind me, but not match.  I just figured it was time for me to embrace the concept of comittment and put my absolute faith in our relationship.  If there are two things I have faith in, its the gospel, and my relationship with Erin.  To me, the ring represents the step below engagement, and symbolizes our commitment.....I will post the whole story soon.

I wish I could have recorded the convo Erin and I had last explains my life the best.

After Saturday, I have felt this renewal of energy, both physically and emotionally.  I felt I was losing my old self, energetic, funny, goofball-like, etc.  Lately, I've traded it in for a more brutally realistic, callace, brittle, bleak outlook on life.  I was in a rut.  After that night, I regained some of that lost energy.  Even with Russel telling me how "yeah" to him is like a cuss word (idiot), I just smiled and took it.  I did not care because in the end, I know I still have her.  Oh, by the way, saw the recent LOST episode cled "Everybody Hates Hurley" and it gave me an idea.  Hurley and a friend of his used to work at a chicken restaurant, and quit after being yelled at by the satanic manager (hmmm, all too familliar) and collected a ton of yard gnomes from around the neighborhood and when it was enough, the spelled out "cluck you" on his lawn......I died laughing, wondering what I can do to Russel's lawn......Summer Fresh, a supermaret, with carryouts.....any ideas out there guys?

Anyways, I guess I am back to my old self, or more like it now days, and I wouldn't want it any other way.  All because of Erin, you're hogging my blog!

On a side note, my entries will more than likely be small, if not nonexistant due to college and stuff.  I figure between this, work, term papers, alone time, and Erin time, that this would be the easiest  to slow down or postpone.  I hope it will be normal towards November again, and no Erin, I still want you to call whenever you can....sheesh!

Until the next time we meet, have a good one people!

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