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Gone Are the Days of Decency, If They Ever Existed

Being single is hard nowadays, especially when you try to be a good, moral person. This makes it hard to find someone you can be compatible with. I will list some turn-offs and you think of a female around the age of 20-28 that doesn't currently have something going on in their life.

- Drinks. Especially bragging about getting drunk.
- Smokes. A person's reputation is shattered for me if I see them smoke.
- Is bi.
- Has children. I know there are plausible circumstances, but a lady with a child just screams "bad judgment".
- Excessive tattoos.
- Lip/Tongue/Eyebrow/Nose piercings
- Currently lives with a guy, especially an ex.
- Hasn't been married.
- Obsessed with intercourse.

That is honestly bare minimum, but anytime I see someone do one of those things I am immediately turned off. Now, I don't want to go into why each of those turns me off or exceptions to the rules, but think, who fits that description. I know some people like that, but I don't think any of them wants a relationship with me.

Other things concern me too. One major thing is people living together before they are married. I'm talking about people who may be on-again off-again that live together for years, then decide to get married. I just personally believe its a bad idea for people to live that way, but 90% of society disagrees with me, evidently.

Also, there is the, pardon my french, sex aspect as well. People are obsessed with wanting it all the time. I was talking and hitting it off with a girl, then after about a week, she wanted me to strip off my clothes and be passionate with her. I denied her and told her I didn't want that. She then gets offended because "I didn't find her attractive. If I was into her, I would do it." That isn't the case. I was very fond of her, but I didn't want to go that far. I immediately cut off from her, because she kept begging me to give in. I showed her some verses from the Bible and she begged me to stop talking to her. Ironic, considering that she considered herself a "major Christian".

Why are people obsessed with this? Why do many give in before they are married? I personally believe that its wrong, but that is just my say so. Not to get overly preachy on here, but I think God instituted marriage between one man and one woman, and that he makes sexual intercourse a privilege of marriage and only marriage. I sincerely believe that, but I feel like I am alone with that feeling most days, especially with what I see on TV and hear from people.

Consider this a love letter to true love. I think many of these things is what has caused divorce rates to skyrocket in recent years, well, that and population growth. I think true romance and love has taken a back seat to immediate gratification and primal desires. People don't take time to know each other and they don't have the patience to realize that they are heading down a dark abyss, a point of no return. When I talk with a girl, I want to know her. I want to feel her. I want to work to make her realize that she is my everything. That's how I date.

And it probably explains why I rarely have a girlfriend.

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