Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Theme Songs Make No Sense Sometimes

I have an admission to make. I used to make fun of anime theme songs. Seriously, most of them make absolutely no sense. I've been watching Hetalia: Axis Powers and the ending credits song makes no sense whatsoever. Hey hey, mama. Hey hey, papa. Something about drinking beer out of a boot. Use a brush and paint the colors of the world. Something to that effect. It seems like almost every anime theme song I have watched makes about that much sense to me. They don't. I could go on and on, but I made a startling discovery the other day.

Namely, this:

Now watch this, and please, PLEASE tell me how this theme song makes any sense whatsoever. It starts off promising, but when you think about it, what the heck does it have to do with the show itself? Here is another example:

Again, it makes absolutely no sense. Look up the Full House theme song. Its the same thing. I know I'm picking on 90's television theme songs, but still, American television is not immune to the "theme song makes no sense" bug.

Well, that comes to my second startling revelation. I found a theme song that does make sense. It brings me no pleasure to show you this, but this may be the most relevant theme song of all time:

You know its a screwed up universe when Saved by the Bell of all shows makes the most sense.

So out of this I've learned to never question anime songs again, because we are just as guilty as they are. Good luck getting the songs out of your head.

The Allengator

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