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'Gator? I hardly knew her!

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Small Contest Update
Ice King, Adventure Time
A small note on here telling you how we did. My partner and I competed in a national competition for web design and we got our results back tonight. We ended up getting 9th place in the contest, which beats my goal of top ten.

I also looked at the breakdown of specific scores to make myself feel a bit better, and there was a section that was called "Page Programming", or something to that effect. We got third in that. The reason I am happy about that part is because the programming was mostly myself, and just placing third in that category makes me feel much better, which makes me think that I am the (I know not empirically, but at least in the scope of this contest) third best web programmer in the nation, or nationally ranked programmer, and that makes me smile on the inside.

Do I wish we did better, oh heck yes. I wish I could have went on stage tonight. I know I will also never get that chance again. It was an incredible experience that I will always remember, and just being there was enough to make me feel like I may just have what it takes to make it in the real world.

Next step: Find an actual job in my career field.

The Allengator