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Aggrivated to the Max!

I was having a very plesant evening until after I hung up with Erin. My mom called me and asked me why I had a bill laying around. I told her I already took care of it. She asked me how. I said I just did, because, in truth, she would have given me the hour-long lecture she always goves me. So she tells me I have to mail it in. I told her again, in an aggrivated tone that I took care of it, making sure that she could figure out through her thick skull that I wanted the conversation to drop. She told me that I have to mail in the check....and I stopped her and angrily ripped up the bill right in front of her face, and declared in a very angry way, THAT I TOOK CARE OF IT. Sigh. I was sitting in the kitchen having some leftovers when she came in (sister yelling in the background a good 80% of the time) and asked me how I did it. I she STILL had the nerve to prod me, so I told her the truth. I told her I paid online, which is tolerated here as bars were in the prohabition era. THEY CAN TAKE YOUR INFORMATION!!!! She yelled at me. I told her that the site is very secure, and I gave them less information than I gave them for my application. She once again went balistic. I told her to drop it. She went in the next room and I was getting something to drink with my snack, and she asked me if I was putting it back in the I was infuriated. I yelled NO! I put the stuff in the microwave and out a potholder underneath it because its a new table....I'm suprised she didn't ask me if I put something underneath the hot dish. My mom went to bed and I am here now, pretty upset. I am getting tired of being treated like a 7-year old, and all night I was reviewing applications to work in Springfield and places to live in. I want out of here so bad tonight. I know it won't be the case later, but now I want out so bad. I need my own place. I need a better job. I need out of my current life. Please, if there is any mercy up above, deliver me NOW!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!! I really need someone to talk to, so I guess itll be talking to myself before I sleep....again. Sigh.

The Allengator

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