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E3 2010 - Initial Thoughts and News and Stuff

First, I will go with the first obvious kill.

Microsoft - Overall you sorta sucked. Sure, Kinect is kinda cool and everything for casual gamers and whatnot, but you seem to be ignoring most of your fanbase outside of a Call of Duty and Halo mention.

Their presentation really didn't appeal to me much and thus will get this brief mention.

Sony - Premium online service? Check. God of War game? Check. Move? Check. 3D games were also mentioned, but some people have been commenting on headaches or are just tired of the glasses gimmick already. I hope this is a sign that 3D is going away again, but based off of Nintendo's conference, that probably won't be the case.

Little Big Planet 2 and Portal 2 were nice announcements, as well as all those shooters that people claim they want to play. Sorcery looked pretty good and I'm happy that Sly Cooper will be returning to form. Also GT5 was announced and a new Twisted Metal is coming out 2011.

As predicted, the PSPGo was just pictured and hardly mentioned. Heh.

Finally, I have to both rave and vent about Nintendo. Don't get me wrong, I'm feeling 90% love for Ninty right now, but I still have a few concerns. Let's first rehash the announcements.

Zelda: Skyward Sword is coming in 2011. Heh to all those "confirmed" Zelda rumors. It looked nice, despite all the "interference" that the Wii had. I was hoping for some more detail in the graphics department, but nice indeed.

Mario Sports Mix. Meh. I have yet to get the last few Mario sport games, so this wasn't a big deal to me.

Golden Sun looks inviting (admittedly, I never played the original), Dragon Quest I really don't care about, Wii Party may be good, and Metroid looked quite good.

As I predicted on some sites, there is indeed a new Kirby console game coming out, but it from what I hoped. Its called Kirby Epic Yarn and it looks...uh...yarn-y. I'm interested in what it entails, but I'm pretty worried about it.

Epic Mickey I am now officially excited about. The callbacks make it worth it, I think. I may like it better than the Kingdom Hearts series, and that's saying something!

Donkey Kong Country Returns!!!!! No, seriously, that's the name of the game, but the name provides more than enough excitement for many people. While Kremlings and probably K. Rool not appearing, it looks like the Donkey Kong platformers from the SNES era, but with 3D graphics. I also love how the game's title is all "In your FACE" when it comes to Nintendo's previous incarnations of the franchise. Put me down as squee-ing.

Before I move on to the biggest news, I want to briefly talk about what was missing from the conference.

Obviously, number one is the vitality sensor. Either Nintendo has given up on it, or it is "still in development". Whatever.

Second is the repeated lack of online caring. Nintendo did not address Wifi issues, friend code issues, DRM(if you call it that) issues, or account issues. I wanted at least one of these addressed badly. I'm pretty disappointed that it may continue for some time.

Now for the biggie. 3.....D.....S!!!!!

The portable itself looks nice, but as of this typing, there is no announced price or release date of the 3DS. It will have in addition to an analog nubby thingy, a 3D slider for determining the strength of the 3D effect, 2 exterior cameras to take 3D photos with, and some kind of tagging feature. Also, it sports some impressive graphics as seen by the Kid Icarus trailer.

What's that? Kid Icarus? Finally????? Ok, maybe I'm not uber excited about it, but I know a Kid Icarus title has been much anticipated and quite honestly looks beautiful, showing off the graphical capabilities of the new system.

Other titles mentioned are a 3D Metal Gear Solid game, Mario Kart, Nintendogs + Cats, and a slew of others. Games not specifically mentioned include Paper Mario (Yay!) and....probably the single best game for the 3DS....Star Fox 64 3D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am super excited about it! Also, there are suggested rumors that there may be a 3D remake of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on the 3DS because there was a demo of it. Remember, just because its a demo doesn't mean it will be an actual game, similar to Mario 128. However, this does indicate that Nintendo is definitely looking to revive some old franchises and possibly 3D them up!!!! C'mon Smash Bros.

All in all, I am very pleased with Nintendo's conference and was impressed by Sony's, outside the "shoving 3D and trailers/commercials down your throat" part. I am looking forward to the future of gaming more than ever right now!

If any more interesting updates are coming up, I will post them on here.

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