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A Break From the Current Hiatus

Hey guys, sorry about not updating for a long while. Honestly, nothing in my life has happened (at least I would want the public to know) and my ideas for adding entries have grown small. Ok, I hope, either tomorrow, Monday, or Tuesday, to start a mini-blogathon, partly because I can, partly because I will be on spring break without homework. Keep your fingers crossed.

I am also hoping to put up another audio blog soon. Keep an eye out.

I hope you are watching the current edition of "The Amazing Race" (Tuesdays @ 9 p.m. central, yo!) because there is a couple on there that act eerily similar (the guy even kinda looks like me) to Erin and I. Be sure to watch for that. Also, Lost is coming back next Wednesday, and I am psyched!

I just recieved the schedule for next fall. Let's just say that I do not want to think about it the next week (even though I'm SURE I will obsess about it). I am not too happy, but I am bombarding the scheduler's earlier this semester, as well as many other people. All I need is an extra section of the Linear class to open, or else it will mean that I will, if I keep my current job, have to take a HUGE paycut and I really don't want to do that. If I do get another job, and the evening shift is easier to work with, I will do it....grudgingly. If they add this section, it will be similar to last fall's schedule (only Tuesdays and Thurdays till 8-ish) and that would be awesome. I am really, REALLY, hoping that they will add one, PLEASE. If you can do something, help me out!

In other worlds, Erin is coming with me to Branson on Tuesday, and I am stoked. Wednesday I am going to Joplin. Thursday...I am sleeping in and getting a hair cut, among other things (maybe even clean my room, and catch up on my Three's Company Season 5 and The Cosby (mmm, puddin' snacks) Show Season Two DVDs).

I will hopefully get the new Pearls Before Swine book (The Ratvolution Will NOT be Televised) tomorrow thanks to Praise

That is all for now. I may update again today, or I may not. I bet its the latter.

Have fun and may God bless.

Conform. Drink Vault.

The Allengator

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