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'Gator? I hardly knew her!

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Distractions are- OOOO, RSS FEED UPDATE!
Ice King, Adventure Time
Crap, it was just about shovelware on the Wii. As most of my friends know, I am obsessed with the Internet, and that it sucks a good 12 hours of my day. Ever since I have been out of college, my days are filled with work, studying for nationals (which I will be going into overdrive on now), and plodding around on the Internet.

There are all sorts of things I do on the Internet. One thing I do is screen anime shows for possible purchase and future watching. How else can I discover how much Fullmetal Alchemist sucks? (Ok, I don't think it "sucks" per se, but it doesn't deserve the praise it gets, IMO.) I also subscribe to RSS feeds. Why more people don't do this is beyond me. It takes the repetition and monotony of web surfing away. I go to several sites that update regularly throughout the say, and instead of constantly hitting refresh or going to the page upteen million times, you can have an RSS feed reader do it for you, showing the posts that are up since you last looked at it. Its fast and easy.

Ironically, Internet Explorer 7+ has, in my opinion, an excellent RSS feed aggregator. Unfortunately there is a problem with it: the fact that its on Internet Explorer. I was recently a victim of some kind of virus that forced me to restore my computer (thus my absences the past few days), and I am fairly positive that it came through that browser. So now I'm on Firefox, who I approve of with downloads, but the RSS capabilities on it are severely limited. If I had time right now, I would fix that, but I don't (Hmm, might be a good idea to include it in my portfolio if I do...). So I needed to find something that can properly display RSS feeds and after spending hours of scouring on the web, I found FeedDemon, which comes closest to fulfilling my needs. I suggest you Google and download FeedDemon now!

The past couple of days have been me trying to get my computer up to speed, and as much as it pains me to admit it, I really shouldn't load any games on it until after the contest, so I won't be as distracted then. I am making a stack of games I need to play and will be ready to have some fun after that and a job sweep in the area. What is a job sweep? Why looking for a job, silly!

Aside from that, nothing of major importance to report on. I'm hoping to post my review of Fullmetal Alchemist sometime in the near future and other stuff.

I was distracted no fewer than five times when writing this.

The Allengator

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Yes FMA is highly over rated. But I think it is the stupid effect. Or I call it stupid effect.

Mainly because of a "short kid" who is powerful, short fuse (pun intended too :P) and tries to protect everyone. Mostly talking about Ed, its the same with that annoying Bleach character who is my 2nd least favourite character, Hitsugaya. All I will say is fangirls are deadly :D

Total and complete agreeance to your comment, wilhelminaanime. I don't think that its a bad anime, I've seen far worse, but it is definitely overrated. I tired Bleach, but I couldn't get through two episodes of that show.

Sort of like me with Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. I'm more or less watching it because my online friend wants to watch it. I just don't find it interesting.

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