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Never Say the Word "Sale" To Me

Sometimes I think I have a shopping problem. I know usual stereotype is to pin this on the female persuasion, but I have my weak moments too. Part of my problem is that I can't turn myself away from the word "Sale". Its a wonder I managed to survive the current economic crisis up till now.

One thing that has taken a bulk of my buck is my current hobby with manga and anime. As far as manga is concerned, I am following about 6 series right now and considering picking up a seventh one in tow. The problem is that these series goes on and on and on. Now I'm not talking about something with the proportions of, oh say, Bleach, but Negima! takes up a fair amount of volumes as well, and according to the author is "roughly" half way through the series. Sheesh! To help curb my spending habits I wait for the manga's publisher to go on sale at RightStuf. Spending $6.60 on a book instead of $10 saves you quite a bit of money in the long run. The same can be said for the anime portion too, but thankfully I am not currently into any series that goes on and on and on *Eyes Bleach, yet again*.

But sales do take a punch out of my wallet too (In hindsight, that analogy makes absolutely NO sense whatsoever). One sale I look for is ones at Toys R Us or Best Buy that are something to the effect of "Buy 2 get the 3rd free" or "Buy one get one half off" on video games. I will scour the websites and find obscure titles that I didn't realize I wanted until I saw them, all for the sake of getting that one game I sort of wanted for free or half off. Almost every time I will fall for these sales. I'm one of those that are born every minute. Steam is also a notorious money sucker, especially with its "weekend deal" slashed prices. I have given into that way too much. I bought the original Assassin's Creed for $4 even though I have a sucky, slow Internet connection and a not powerful/functional enough PC to play it on. I bought it last spring and I still have yet to finish downloading it, but its there waiting on me to download it, by golly!

Black Friday is one of the most infamous sales of sales. I haven't gone to an actual "Black Friday" sale in years, but I have gone to several sales online, especially on Cyber Monday. This past year I think I did pretty good considering that I only bought about $40 of dvds that are still shrink wrapped and collecting dust on my floor. I have seen some of them, but some I'm waiting for the right time to watch them. I bought two seasons of "I Love Lucy" during that sale, and I finally watched both of them in their entirety. My DVD watchign habits are scattered, but I could watch an entire season of Lucy in two days assuming I don't have work. That's sort of the problem. I do that and then I get burned out, leaving for subsequent seasons to suffer the same fate.

Sometimes it doesn't have to be a sale for me to buy something. Retailers in my area have lately been selling 2 packs of TV seasons for the low price of one season, or about $20. I got two seasons of the Cosby Show for that much, and I'm sure they are interesting when I get around to watching them.

One pattern you might have been noticing is that most of my spending goes towards DVDs or games, but I also am the same way about other items as well. I stock up on potato chips when my local store sells them for $2 or less. I buy 2 to 3 bags when I leave work, and will usually have them eaten before I go to work the next time. Considering that I've been working more lately I have been spending more on chips and pants than anything. I am the same way with my lunches at work. I go to either the cheap or on sale items. I never go to a fast food place or the deli because I don't want to spend a ton of money.

Rarely do I buy something on a whim. 90% of my purchases are planned or repeats. The few times I do buy on a whim I usually end up regretting, like "Comic Party". I also have very questionable tastes when I do randomly buy things. Just a couple weeks ago I bought the first "Saved by the Bell" DVD set. I used to hate that show. I bought it recently. Yes, my tastes can be questionable when its set to random.

Anyways, I feel that this is a fine place to stop this odd entry on my financial woes. I have several other problems and quirks to discuss in the future, but I realized that I have a game that I still need to play, so time to cut this entry short and take care of that.

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