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Lost - Initial Finale Thoughts

I'm embedding all of this in a link to keep the innocent...well...innocent. Tons of spoilers from tonight's series finale and what I think about the grey matter smashing that was the finale.

Lost has been one of my favorite TV shows for the last 6 years, and tonight was extremely bittersweet to see some fantastic characters leave the screen for good tonight. After thinking things over and reading other people's reactions to the series as a whole, I want to put my two cents into what the series is about.

Keep in mind that ultimately the series is meant to be open to many interpretations. This is just one person's opinion.

The series was all about Jack. That is it in a nutshell. No one else really mattered in the end but himself. Yeah, there were other characters like Kate, Sawyer, Locke, and Hurley (who became the new Jacob, that had me grinning like a maniac after the show was over), but they just played a portion of Jack's life. Did every episode have Jack? No. But when you realize that the flash sideways were not what they seemed, you start to connect the dots.

The series opened with Jack opening his eyes in a bamboo forest near where the plane crashed. The finale found Jack struggling with his last breaths to return to the bamboo and close his eyes in death. The series started and ended with Jack. Other survivors lived much longer than he did. The people on the plane probably led long fullfilling lives. Hurley probably lived to the ripe old age of 3000. We will never know about their lives because Jack died before they did, and that was the point. Everyone eventually dies, and that was the point of the flash sideways, to reunite the castaways in some kind of purgatory and allow Jack to "let go" of his life in the real timeline.

Other quick thoughts.

Lapidus lives! Hurley outlives everyone!!!!!! Miles survived! Sawyer finally got off the island! Richard Alpert gets off the island AND ages again! Desmond also gets off the island thanks to Hurley! That is pretty much all I cared about. Jack's death was foreshadowed way too much to make it a suprise, but it was gutwrenching to see it nonetheless.

Tonight brought many cheers (Hurley hugging Jack in the sideways world) and many tearjerkers (Hurley crying over Jack, Jack's death scene). I was brought to tears tonight and while the finale really was fairly predictable and the series still didn't answer all the questions, I consider that to be good television.

Thank you Lost for six great years of entertainment. It will be hard, if not impossible, to replace you.

The Allengator
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