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'Gator? I hardly knew her!

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The Universe Keeps Beating Me Down
Ice King, Adventure Time
So yeah, the past couple of days haven't been the best. Its ironic, but the phrase really does fit with "when it rains it pours". In that amount of time I'm single again, someone got the job I was told I would get at work, and I could not find any shorts or dress slacks to take on my trip next month. Ok, so the last one is slightly petty, but I went to the place that has always been good about keeping a wide variety of clothing items, and I found squat, leaving me with only expensive options left.

Perhaps tomorrow will be better. I mean I'm sure I will still be the universe's punching bag for a while. I'll probably get a couple of bruises and black eyes out of it, but I'm a guy, and guys are tough...

I want love.

The Allengator

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I always hate those tough luck times, when you have so much bad luck you can't get any good luck. Makes me question stuff... Anyways best of luck.

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