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'Gator? I hardly knew her!

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Blogger's Angst
Ice King, Adventure Time
*Blush* Well...this is sort of embarassing. I think this is probably the longest hiatus that I have been on here for quite a while. I mean even during my busy streaks I updated about once inside a week. 11 days is kind of odd for me, so I can't say it won't happen again, but it will be like this for a couple more weeks at least. I have graduation the 13th of May and will be busy up to that point. Actually, I lied. I will be busy until next Friday, then my only excuse is work. But I will be busy until then, and when you add work (this will be the weekend, when I am scheduled the most) it means a lot less time for blogging adventures on here. Really, its not that I have a lack of time, but that I have a lack of time doing anything remotely interesting to blog about on here. My entries would consist of "Went to school, worked on the project, went home and worked on the project some more". Some entries take upwards to an hour to type up and I really don't want to bore you with the usual mundanity you find elsewhere on the Interweb. This blog really is a labor of love.

Then again, here I am complaining about not being able to blog for the umpteenth million time. You guys couldn't possibly understand how busy and hard this paticular semester has been.

Blogging complaining aside, here are my updates.

- Work still irritates the life out of me.
- I'm working on my project at school. Finals are coming up.
- I haven't seen a new anime for quite some time, but have several on deck to watch.
- Ditto with video games.
- I've been spending more time with my special lady friend that everyone else calls my girlfriend. She kinda deserves it.
- Sleep is more of a luxary than a commodity.

Honestly, I would be repeating all this stuff over and over, so there would be no point in me typing it all up for my one reader on here to read, so I have to forget about it for a while. Plus I've been on typing overload making documents for the program my group is making so I'm a little pooped typing-wise. Seriously, my fingers are chaffing like mad right now.

ARGH! Sorry sorry sorry sorry. I was complaining about blogging again. I apologize. To offer my forgiveness, have an ascii donut (o).

Some blog shout-outs:

What About Free Will - A humor blog.
When I Feel Doomed - ditto.

So read up on these fine blogs until I can update more, which may be around the corner after finals and work and life and stuff. At the rate things are going, I wouldn't even hold my breath.

Sorry, blog angst again. Ignore that.

The Allengator

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Thanks a lot for recommending me to your readers. Best of luck with all the work and finals and everything. College is fun, just not the classes. That's why I tried hard enough to get a C average. Take it easy.

When I Feel Doomed.com

Thanks Chad! Its an honor for you to leave me a comment on here!

↑ What he said

That guy totally beat me with the thank you! Thanks for the blog shout-out, you bring me much honor. I've also got finals in a week. I'm pretty excited about it...


Thanks for the reply, Andrew! Best of luck with your finals!

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