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The Saga of Petey the Monkey - LJ 25

The Saga of Petey the Monkey  

By The Allengator

Petey was bored working at his job. He worked in the research and development room at his company. "I do not like my boring job." thought Petey, as he was inserting the last trinket into his widget. Suddenly, the huge pile of metal that Petey gathered started to make a noise. "The noise is making me deaf." yelled Petey. The pile of metal started to walk around and lights started to flash on and off.

"MY NAME IS CHIP. I AM YOUR SERVANT." said the pile of metal. Petey started to realize after 15 years of randomly piling metal, he finally created his own monkey robot. Thinking, Petey said, "Make me a espresso." Chip marched to and fro from the lab table and made Petey a fresh brewed mocha double caff. Petey thought it tasted good. "Make me some money, Chip." So Chip ran to the local bank and opened an account and withdrew $100 and gave it to Petey. "You are amazing, Chip." "MY NAME IS CHIP. I AM YOUR SERVANT." "How about you make me another Chip, Chip." "OK." So Chip went to work on another pile of metal.

Petey became happy. After all this time, he finally created a robot that will make him and the company billions of dollars, and he would finally be rich and have the girl of his dreams. Smiling, he sipped his espresso and thought about his imminent riches. Chip beeped and said "I AM DONE." Then the robots took to "disassemble" Petey for "spare parts". With his fleeting breath, Petey heard, "YOU SHOULD HAVE SAID "PLEASE" WITH YOUR REQUESTS.". With those words of advice, Petey passed out.

Moral of the Story: Remember your manners or else face the wrath of the great robot uprising.

The Allengator
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