Allen (allengator86) wrote,

The Days and Life of a Robemaster

Disclaimer: This paticular entry may or may not have a punchline or witty remark at the end. It is actually an account of part of my life, but I have no clue whether its funny or not. I apologize for the inconvinience.

Back in high school, I was a music nerd, both band and choir. Most of my interesting tales center around band, but choir had its moments too. It was funny, because choir had its "counsel". Yes, it had its own secretary, vice president, treasurer, etc.. Well, I am here to reveal to you guys now that I was part of the choir cabinet for 3 years, and I held my position with a landslide. I was the robemaster.

Quit laughing. Robemaster was a very important position and I was a genius to get it. Want to know why? The answer is simple. The robe room was very clean and carpeted. It was a good sized cubby hole to hide your bags and also to arrange the robes from smallest, starting at 1, to largest, ending in 126. There were also tuxedos for the chamber choir and stohls for the robes. Snuggies had nothing on our robes. To top it off, each robe was in a sack.

So why was robemaster so important? The answer is simple. It got me out of crappy times in class. If there was a test on reading music (which I had to correct the teacher on a few times *facepalm*) all I had to do was say "I need to inventory the robes in the robe room" and I was exempt from all activities for the day. I would get the key, lock myself in the room, hide under the robes, and either play my gameboy or take a nap. The room was also relatively soundproof so I could listen to music on a boombox. It was, in a way, valhalla.

It gets even better. I found out a way to actually keep the door from completely locking, so I would even sneak in there after school or before school and just chill by myself. I think I even made out with my ex in there. Again, an advantage was that the room was relatively soundproof.

Sometimes I invited friends to "help me" since there were "126 robes, stohls, and tuxedos to inventory". So sometimes we would pass around music and play multiplayer games. If someone wasn't supposed to be in there, there were ample hiding places behind the door. Imagine a walk in closet that has a slight maze to it. That was the robe room.

So nowdays I am proud to say I was a robemaster. At first I wasn't, but then I realized something. I was on a comitee and while they did actual work and actually talked to people, I had my own cush office where no one else could bother me.

I win.

So yeah, there was a punch line after all.

The Allengator
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