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'Gator? I hardly knew her!

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Another Contest Result. This Will Be the Last One in a While, I Swear!
Ice King, Adventure Time
Another contest update. I got second place in the computer repair written. I am quite proud of that. There are no written contests at nationals, but at I am happy with the results nonetheless.

And yes, I am working on my "E-Log". It will be expanded and more fun than last time...I hope. Want a sample? Well, here you go:

5:16 - Jefferson City was founded in 1820. A sign says so and signs are always right, just like people on the Internet.

5:21 - Another attempt on my life was at hand. We were trying to pass a truck and evidently they didn't notice us passing them, so it started to pull over to go around another driver. The truck was literally inched away from hitting us.

5:24 - We are going by the hotel again? Did we forget something there?

5:25 - Nah, we are just passing it. Whew.

5:32 - I notice that the rivers around here are all a poopy color of brown. Now do you see why I don't commune with nature more?

5:34 - Douchetards want me to bust out "Monty Python and the Holy Grail". I literally couldn't do it as my baggage was in front of the bus and I was surrounded by, well, douchetards.

The full thing will be up in the near future.

The Allengator