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Breaking News II: From a Day Ago
Ice King, Adventure Time
So as you've undoubtably heard, I went to a competition this past Thursday and Friday and competed in both computer repair written test and web development/design contest. This was an extension to the one I went to in February that I got second place in the secondary contest. That one was the district contest and only first and second place teams got to advance to the state competition that I just got back from. Yes, a state contest where the best in the state compete.

Anyways, I have no clue how I did on the computer repair written (though I think I totally blew it out of the water), but I did get the results back from the web development/design contest and, yeah, we did compete against several 1st place teams from other districts, but I'm proud of how we did.

We got 1st place.

So not only does this mean that the two of us can be considered to be some of the best web designers in the state (maybe a fabrication, but hey, this will be AWEXOME on a resume), but we get to compete in the freaking national conference. Yes. We will be representing the state of Missouri this June in the national contest, and I am extremely excited about this! Really, I have been "Holy Monkey"ing for about a day straight. It will be a whole week in June (the 21st - 26th I believe) at Kansas City! So you bet your sweet buttons you'll be hearing about it for a while.

This victory was something I needed. I need a little reassurance and ego boost from time to time.

Look out other states, we're gonna dominate XD.

The Allengator

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Yay!!! Congratulations!!! :0)

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