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Nintendo to Make a New Handheld Dubbed "3DS"
Ice King, Adventure Time
This just in...well...just in meaning about 12 hours ago. Nintendo is on the verge of making a new DS called the 3DS. Here is what we know so far:

  • It will have 3D effects that will not require any sort of special eyewear whatsoever. This is good news for people with sight problems like me who can't differentiate 3D effects with the special glasses (which is why a 3D TV is not in my future).
  • Screens will reportedly be 4 inches diagonally.
  • May use the Sharp parallax barrier LCD, which may account for the 3D effects without the special specs.
  • A 3D control stick, which probably means an analog stick. HECK YES!
  • More battery life, better wifi
  • Will arrive before March 2011, and possibly be released in some areas before the end of 2010.
  • Will be playable at E3 2010.
  • Possibly have some sort of rumble or feedback method.
  • May have an accelerometer to record movements.
  • Backwards compatability with both DS and DSi.
  • Little to no gap between screens.
  • Ability to not have 3D graphics and just be 2D or pseudo 3D similar to the N64 or Gamecube.

Those are the major ones floating around. Many popular yet unconfirmed ideas include having Gamecube-quality graphics, which would be wonderful, and a Virtual Handheld, which would make me reclaim my love and fanboyness for Nintendo once again. One paticular rumor that is probably incorrect says: "The reason Nintendo made the Gamecube discs so small was so they could be used in a handheld in the future". Highly doubtful, but one could dream, couldn't one? What are your hopes for the new handheld?

The Allengator