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Another One of Those Typical "Catch Up" Entries

Hey guys, sorry its been awhile. Have a cookie (::).

Life has been going along as usual, more or less. Some hiccups have occured, but nothing I feel like spilling on here. Honest! So I will talk about some mundane things. You like mundane things, right?

Well, a bulk of my time has been devoted to Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver which I have immensely enjoyed since Gold was the last game I played before Diamond. It is nice to see a throwback to the earlier days of Pokemon while adding new details to the gameplay. I'm going to be spending a lot of time on it the next few weeks. I'm also playing the freeware version of cave story before I get the Wiiware one. Then it'll be time for Super Mario Galaxy 2: This time with more Yoshi action edition! Yeah....I'm also planning on getting the new Sam & Max games when they come out!

This will be the week for my state competition for web design. Wish me luck! Maybe I will get to post an entry like I did the last time I went.

Clannad is getting a dub AND will be starring Luci Christian. I suppose this will be a purchase for me. I am hoping several other Sentai properties will be getting dubbed soon as well. I'm also hoping that other licensors take notice with what sentai is doing and dub other series, like Bandai with Hayate, Media Blasters with Zetsubo Sensei, and NIS with ToraDora. Speaking of ToraDora, I suppose I will be buying a set, even if its just subbed only. I will have to see how rich I'm feeling soon.

As far as television is concerned, I'm really feeling "meh" about Chuck so far. Unlike the past couple of seasons where it gets more exciting with each episode, this season seems to be more of a swelling mass of angst and darkness. Chuck Vs. the Beard will probably go down as one of the best episodes for the series, but that doesn't excuse the show from making Chuck into a heartless spy who kills people. Mind you, he hasn't killed yet, but the show keeps pressuring him more and more to do it. Give me the Chuck from a season ago and we'll call it even, k? Lost has been...well...I'm STILL waiting for the payoff since we only have 8-ish episodes left. It seems that nothing too significant has happened just yet other than people "choosing sides". I've also started watching the series "FlashForward" and I think I will either have an audio blog or a full entry dedicated toward FlashForward and what I think of it.

That's about it. I hope to post some more before I leave, but if I don't, take care!

The Allengator
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