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Personal Update: Family Problems
Ice King, Adventure Time
One of the policies I use for my blog is to keep my family out of it, issues or otherwise. So when I break that policy its a pretty big deal. While I won't go into specifics on a public scale, I just wanted to get this off my chest.

Here is all I feel like diverging in a public setting. My father had some tests done a couple weeks ago and we got the results back a couple days ago. Needless to say, we received some distressing news about his health and its an uncurable condition that will eventually lead to worse problems in the future. Again, I am uncomfortable going into specifics on here, but while this will take its time, hopefully years, its still disconcerting to learn and hard to accept.

I try my best not to ask this a lot, but my family could use some prayers/good vibes in coping with this. I know we'll make it through this, but I know the power of prayer never hurts in a situation like this.



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Well all I wish your family the best.

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