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Quickie Update: Contesting (May Continue)
Ice King, Adventure Time
Results are in, and my team got second place in the post-secondary contest, so there is a possibility I will be competing on the state level. I will know more next week. I'm actually happy about that.

Technically speaking, there were both secondary (high-schoolers) and post-secondary (us old people), and there were 3 secondaries and 2 post, so we got second in post-secondary, but may have placed lower overall. I believe that technically we are eligable for the state level, but I need more or less an official word on it. We will crack the bubbly (cream soda) when it does come down.

Side note: Lucky Star Box Set is coming from Bandai. Thanks to my friend wilhelminaanime for giving me a heads up. My hurt towards Bandai is slightly aliviated for the time being.

The Allengator

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Congrats and I'm glad I can help!

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