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Quickie Entry: Parents Depress Me
Ice King, Adventure Time
There is hardly any conversation more depressing than your parents telling you they are setting up their will, what to do if they are on life support, and what to do with them when they aren't aware of things. I know the day is coming for that stuff, but its still morbid to talk about. Another possible family issue has been popping up and I'm hoping for positive (or in medical terms, negative) results. My goal is to be in high spirits as long as I can. Kinda hard when you're...you know...alone in conversation.

Then again, I go back to work tomorrow, so I guess I'm screwed anyways.

The Allengator

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As much as I hate too say it, a will is very important. My great aunt was going to leave me some money, but she never finished it. Her brothers and sisters didn't honor it. So I'll never see the money. I work in a place that wills are important piece of paper.

The others are depressing thought. I know my family should do that too.

Wish for the best in the result

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