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Quickie Entry: Hopefully More NIS News Soon
Ice King, Adventure Time
AnnCast, the awesome anime podcast from Anime News Network is going to have none only than the PR person from NIS on their show. Here is what Zach's Twitter *shudder* said:

We have the director of NIS America's new anime business and their PR person. We'll ask about dubs, I promise

Meaning we may possibly have the answer whether Toradora will be dubbed or not. Worse case scenario - "We won't dub it". Best case scenario - "We will dub it". Probable case scenario - "We can't announce that yet."

We can also email questions. I am working on one right now. News as events warrant.

The Allengator

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Not sure how to take that, but they are playing with us. Well not as bad as Bandai. Will probably find out when the release dates are out. I just wonder how they are going to do it if dubbed. 4 episode discs or half seasons now.

Well, Richard J. has already thrown in the towel for Toradora because NIS is reportedly subbing and if it performs well they may dub it. This is by no means confirmed yet, but he has been on a little...er...spree lately on Anime News Network's forums (he has said some on Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei as well) so he at least seems to believe this.

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