Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Off to Prove My Skills as a Web Developer

Tomorrow is it. It will determine whether I will feel good about what I am doing, or if I'm destined to be a grunt worker for the rest of my life.

Ok, so maybe not so melodramatic, but it will give me a good indication if I am on the right track since it does emulate what one experiences in the field. Maybe I should explain what I am doing furthur for those of you not in the know.

I will be competing at SkillsUSA, a prestigious competition where people are judged on their professionality and skills in a certain field. For instance, I am going into the "team web development" contest, which will be more design than development, but whatever. I'll have to wake up at 4 in the morning, after getting off at work at 10 the night before, and drive about 45 minutes to school to get on a bus to Neosho, sign in, and take part in some opening ceremony. After that, we will wait/compete, where we will not only have to show off our skills, but also turn in a resume and go through a mini-interview, both I am not looking forward to. I will have to be in a stuffy suit, then afterwards still dress professionally until I leave. The competition will be 3-4 hours long and we will be there about 8 hours, no counting travel. To be honest, I don't like wearing fancy clothes all day, but I will have to suck it up this one time. If its for a job, as long as I get paid I don't care.

The past month and a half I have been training myself in the ways of web development through Dreamweaver CS3 which is why I have been away from you guys more often lately. Heck, even my hobbies and TV shows have had to go by the wayside just to do good.

For most people going, its a required portion for our final capstone class in the computer prgramming department, but its more than that to me. The reason I am working so hard at it right now is simply to test myself, to see if I have what it takes to be a professional and if I am making the right career decision. Another plus is that recruiters come to these events. If they see what they like then there may possibly be a job in my future. These chances increase the higher you go. So that is why I really want to go to the state level. It will not only look awesome on my resume, but also possibly be my first major step in getting out of my currently assinine job. Very assinine.

So that is why I have been short and whatnot. If I am eligable to go to state, then expect more of the same. If not, then I'm not saying I will blog more, but I should have more free time. I really do feel strongly about this.

If I end up not winning (I won't know until next Friday. The wait will be exhausting :S), then I'm not going to give up. It will more or less will be how well I can handle myself and whether I can be proud of what I do and know I did the best I could. If I come out of this thing feeling confident, then I know I am making the right choice. That is my goal. If I fail at that, then I will be significantly worried. I want to enjoy what I do, and feel like I do my best. If I don't, then I have to rethink things. I know it will be stressful, and that there will be some panicing, but I want to feel confident, and if I come out feeling like that, then finding a job won't feel like an impossible thing. What you need most, is confidence, which I admittedly have little of. The more I get the more I can recieve. Winning is also a main goal, but I want that confidence. If I win and don't feel confident, then maybe I just need a new change in attitude. *shrugs*

In any case, wish me luck. I will let you know if anything happens.

The Allengator

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