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'Gator? I hardly knew her!

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Just a Quick Anime Update
Ice King, Adventure Time
As far as anime is concerned, I finished watching Bamboo Blade, which ended up being better than I originally thought it would, and instead of finishing Kaze no Stigma, ended up rewatching Baccano! again...that should probably speak for how well I like that series or how much I stopped caring for Kaze. Probably both. I really need to finish Kaze before I forget the main plot points...oh wait...Just kidding. Its not all that bad, but it just isn't memorable. Perhaps it will pick up speed towards the end...

I have partially watched Soul Eater, which continues to entertain me, as well as the latest Sgt. Frog. I have a system for the later. When I get a new set I marathon the first disc, then drag the second one out until the next set is released. That's more or less what I am doing with Soul Eater as well, so far.

Other ones I haven't finished watching include Comic Party and Kujibiki Unbalance. I mainly got Kujibiki just for the Genshiken OVAs, but I need to watch the actual show on the set as well. As far as online goes, I have watched about 10 episodes of My Bride is a Mermaid and will probably stop there just for the English release so I don't spoil myself. I am definately getting it when it comes out. My only wish is that it doesn't get old. I'm also finally getting around to watching Hayate because I'm almost done reading what has been released of the manga so far and now won't be so confused with all the characters in it. You have to pay more attention to subbed anime so I don't get to multitask like I usually do with anime.

Anyways, that's all I have for now. Aside from My Bride is a Mermaid, a Hayate Boxset (if BanDai ever gets their act together), and Haruhi 1.5 (as ashamed and annoyed as I was, yes, I'm probably still getting it), and future editions of Sgt. Frog and Soul Eater, my anime watching is noticably taking a dive, but I'm so busy with school and life right now that it's probably best.

Take care.

The Allengator

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You've already seen my busy list. Until I finish my fan service anime, my schedule been like this.

Main anime (2 episodes, 4 if it is 12 minutes) all week.
Side anime (1 episode) Monday through Friday
Fan service anime (2 on Friday and Saturday, 1 on Sunday). When the fan service one ends, the side anime on Friday will be gone.

But yes Subtitles do take an art to read :P I'm used to after Bleach show, plus I watch on my TV.

I'll probably be won't re-watch stuff until April. I'm trying to reach my goal of 80% before I can start to re-watch.

(de arimasu) Sorry just trying to find an end saying for my post. :D

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