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Blogathon Wrap Up! A Review of What Has Happened.

I am thankful in everyone who has read my blog the past month, joining me in my quest of everyday social survival. I guess I will return to updating whenever now. I have actually enjoyed doing this in some aspects. There were those days where nothing happened and I did not have a lot of time to update, but I added a sentence anyhow.

Here are some highlights:

Erin and I went through some tough times, but love prevailed over all.

I started to dazzle in photography.

One word: Lurch-bot!

Had a bit of a 'poll'ooza.

Went through some eye-opening experiances.

Discovered Vault! (CONFORM! DRINK VAULT!)

Thats about it for now. Please have an enjoyable day. Also, please take a few seconds of your existance to take a poll I put in the entry below this one.


The Allengator

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    One last Twet for the day. I took off the last layer of pants and underwear and put my jogging shorts on for sleepy time. Night everyone!

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    I love monkeys!

  • Allen's Twetter

    @BobMarley Your songs sound like a wailing hippie that is being killed by a grumbling acid tripper.

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