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Chuck Me, Amadeus!

Whew, its been a while, huh? Well, I spent the week at school and not working on unpaid leave, so my week was filled with less drama and events worth blogging about. A rarity, I know. Plus, I foreshadowed this before with my increase classload, so there isn't much more to say.

Wanted to spend some time talking about Chuck, probably my favorite tv show on right now. After twice marathoning the spectacular second season, I have went head first into the third season and my overall thoughts would be that the first couple of episodes more or less stumbled then it started to gain momentum with the third episode and with the fourth. The ratings practically tell an opposite story, with the Sunday 2 hour premeire being the best ratings since the "3-D" episode from last year, which is teriffic The ratings have dipped some since then, but have maintained around 2.5 million viewers and has become NBC's number one scripted program! Yes, it is even beating the snot out of Heroes, which is not only at a series low, but in imminent danger of being dropped. If it is, I won't be upset, since it completely lost me half way through the third season.

What does this mean? Unless Chuck tanks like Heroes did, there shouldn't be as much worry of renewal this time around as last time. Heck, if it beat not only Heroes, but Law and Order, then NBC, unless on crack (the late night debacle and Heroes slump doesn't give me an ounce of confidence) should easily renew it again if nothing major happens. Let's hope that the Olympics hiatus won't effect viewership!

Also, the olympics and Honda both have vouched for Chuck because of all the NBC shows, they chose the cast to be the advertisers for the olympics. Unironically speaking, totally awesome!

But Chuck still needs all the support it can get. Just because we are comfortable doesn't mean we can be complacent. Its good, yes, but it can be better! Everyone should watch Chuck on NBC on Mondays at 8/7 pm! Its that good!

Now as I mentioned before, I personally am not as excited as I was last season just yet, then again I said the same thing last season. I think the main factor is that Chuck now WANTS to be a spy instead of REFUSING to be a spy. Its a different flavor. Also, I love Chuck because of the humor the series brings forward, but especially in the premiere, the comedy was horribly underplayed and seemed more angsty. The Chuck I know and love is a"dork"able and hilariously charming with a little dash of realism. The formula is coming back with the latest episodes, but the premiere had me scared some. It was still better than most shows, but it felt different.

Also, Zac's new hairstyle really bugged the crap out of me for a while.

And Casey was completely underplayed as well. I need my weekly Casey snark!

Though things are looking up even more with Chuck's dad coming back for a few episodes again! My hope is that we finally learn some about Chuck's mother and see if she was a spy or just a civillian. She may be dead for all we know, but it sounds like she's still out there....Also, more John Casey background please! It would be awesomely awesome if we meet his parents!

Repeat guest stars would also be nice to see. I think a return of Jill, the Awesomes, Laszlo, Harry Tang, Professor Fleming, Ilsa Trinchina, Roan Montgomery, Lou, Mr. Burton, basically any one off character. How about this? A previous nemisis returns? Maybe more triad or Colt action would be sweet! I hope every episode isn't about "The Ring", but that may be a dream. Also, we aren't completely done with FULCRUM, are we? Chevy Chase wasn't the bossman, so it would be nice to see some closure there.

Although Chuck really doesn't need more of my help. I am just throwing out suggestions here. In short, I am satisfied and excited with how the current season is performing and if it keeps this up, then Chuck will be around for a while longer, assuming the powers that be have their heads screwed on tight.

Looks like that prognosticus is not looking too hot...

P.S. Also check out Jeffster's Official Site. Is this too good or what?

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