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Still a Workload, Just Not As Hectic
Ice King, Adventure Time
Ok, so I misunderstood the scope of the capstone class. I thought I would have to write a journal every class period and do a weekly report, but evedently our weekly report is our journal, so my workload has been cut some. We also were told that we only have to make one documentation per group and not by individual, so paperwork may not be as much an issue. Its still going to be a lot of work and will require some of my free time, but it won't be as strenuous as I thought. Updates will probably still take a hit, but not as bad as I feared.

Anyways, have a good weekend, everyone! I plan on watching some anime tomorrow. Kaze no Shana Stigma is on the docket and perhaps Comic Party, if nothing else comes up.

The Allengator

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Kaze No Stigma will be any anime I will be watching soon ditto with Comic Party :P So no spoilers please :D

Have a great weekend.

de arimasu

I won't post it on here until you've seen it. All I will say about Kaze No Stigma is that it isn't as good as I hoped it would be. I have a pretty big backlog of anime to review anyhow including Lucky Star, PaniPoni Dash, The World of Narue, Save Me Lollipop, FLCL, and Bamboo Blade, plus others I'm sure I'm forgetting. Let me know if you need any spoiler free.

I'm hoping to upload my Save Me Lollipop review Monday. It will be different from the ones I've done before. Think AVGN with no profanity and a little less excitement.

You can post, I will just skip it as long as it has a title of the anime in the header. Its more of a safe way around it.

I have a bigger back log, too many too list.

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