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Short Chuck Notes

Tonight begins the third season premiere of Chuck and I couldn't be more excited! In order to catch some people up, I'm going to make a short list of things that you will need to know to keep up to speed as far as the plot goes. I will put it under a tag because there are spoilers in here. So enjoy the catch up!


  • Chuck Bartowski is someone who works at the Buy More in the Nerd Herd division. He also doubles as an analyst spy, albeit reluctantly.
  • Sarah Walker works with the CIA who once was involved with Chuck's old friend Bryce Larkin. She has a father who is a con artist. Her cover is Chuck's girlfriend.
  • John Casey is an NSA spy who was recently given the title of colonel. His cover is at the Buy More.
  • Bryce Larkin was Chuck's friend at Standford who got Chuck kicked out of Standford and became a spy. He destroyed the original Intersect and gave it to Chuck. He was shot in the finale.
  • Stephen Bartowski is Chuck's dad who created both the original and new Intersects. His code name is Orion.
  • Elle is Chuck's sister and is married to Devon. She does not know anything about the spy world.
  • Captain Awesome a.k.a. Devon Woodcomb is Elle's husband. He recently found out that Chuck is a spy.
  • Morgan Grimes is Chuck's best friend who also works at Buy More. He has an off and on relationship with Anna Wu.
  • Jeff works at Buy More as a Nerd Herd employee and is always drinking and hanging out with Lester. He evidently used to be a master at Missile Command.
  • Lester works at Buy More as a Nerd Herd employee and is always hanging out with Jeff. He was assistant manager for a short period.
  • Big Mike was once manager at the Buy More before being betrayed by Emmet Millbarge, who stole his position. He now works as a green shirt grunt.

Plot Points:

  • The government has a supercomputer called the Intersect that has many encoded images of secrets. The secrets include intel on both agents and enemies.
  • The original Intersect was destroyed by Bryce Larkin and was "uploaded" to Chuck's brain. Since this, he has had "flashes" where he recognizes people or items either by sight or sound.
  • An enemy agency called FULCRUM who has agents in all the government facilities who wants the Intersect and wants to create their own version to train super spies.
  • Bryce Larkin told FULCRUM that he was the Intersect both to stay alive and keep Chuck safe.
  • Chuck's father ran off before the events of the show and after Elle's wedding party. He did not want Chuck to have the Intersect in his head at all.
  • Devon (Captain Awesome) found out that Chuck, Casey, and Sarah are all spies and has had some minimal involvment in the latest capers.
  • Before the finale Chuck had the original Intersect taken out of his head, but had a new Intersect downloaded which includes some component where his body can do things including kung-fu almost on command.
  • A spy shot Bryce mentioned that he is part of a "ring" where there are "real spies".
  • We know that Chuck's mom ran off, but nothing else.
  • Ted Roark was in charge of FULCRUM's Intersect development. He was fatally shot by a rogue agent in the finale. It is unknown if he was actually the head of FULCRUM or if he was just a figurehead.

I hope the new season does well enough to warrant more future seasons, and I seriously can not wait to see what adventures happen over the next few weeks. Please watch and support this awesome show! It will be on back to back new episodes at 8 and 9 pm CST on NBC, then at 7 on Mondays. Yes, that means there are 3 new episodes the next two days. Awesome!

Please watch it tonight and enjoy!

The Allengator
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