Allen (allengator86) wrote,

The Saga of Petey the Monkey LJ24

The Saga of Petey the Monkey
by The Allengator

Petey was working at the office one day and was really bored. "I wish I had a girlfriend to keep me company." He thought at he worked on quarter projections.

Suddenly Alexis, the popular girl at the office walked over to Petey and asked him, "How are the projections coming along, Petey?" she asked. "Fine." He replied. "How are those pens working out that I gave you?" She asked. "Fine" He replied. How is that soda I got you from the machine?" "Fine." He replied.

As he picked up said soda for a sip, the condensation made it slip from his hands, which caused his pen holder to knock over and spill pens all over his cubicle.

"Let me get those for you." Offered Alexis. As they picked them up, Petey slipped on a pen and fell on top of her. Alexis screamed. Suddenly the building rumbled.

The rumble was caused by Alexis's boyfriend who was huge, dumb, and very protective of her. Then he saw the Petey, on top of his girlfriend.

Petey passed out. Many times.

Moral of the Story: Always keep your office space organized.

The Allengator
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