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Audio Anime Review: Baccano!
Ice King, Adventure Time
This is something new I want to try on here. Sometimes I want to talk about a series that may not work with Mega Media Monday, because I want to keep this blog as PG as I can. So I decided to start a new feature called "Audio Anime Reviews" which is like the previous ones, just without the videos embedded and extensive critiquing.

For my first AAR, I went with an anime that I know I don't want to post on here due to the level of violence in it. So enjoy my review of the fantastic series Baccano!

Download the audio.

Watch the series on Youtube

Series Pros:
  • Excellent use of English Dubbing.
  • Good storytelling once you figure out the storylines.
  • Effective music and animation.

Series Cons:
  • Disjointed storytelling will confuse most people.
  • Gratuitous violence will be offputting to some.

Who would like this series: Lost fans, gangster flicks, Full Metal Panic fans.

Plot: A
Characters: B
Dubbing: A
Music: A
Animation Style: A
Rewatchability: A
Overall grade for the series: A-

I hope you liked the first of the Audio Anime Review, and there will be more to come as I have several series I want to do! Have you seen Baccano and want to share your thoughts? Comment below to start some chatter.

Also, I was totally being serious about looking up Baccano on Wikipedia. If you find yourself too confused, go here to either make it better or much worse. Remember, it may spoil the plot for you so proceed with caution.

Until next time!

The Allengator