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My Last Decade

The decade started out weird for me. Of course I don't remember some of the smaller things that happened towards the beginning of the decade because I didn't start blogging on here until 2001.


A new high school opened up in my school district this year, and it would end up being the school I physically graduate from. I remember the last year in the old high school, now Jr. High, being overly crowded with people. Seriously, the best tactic was to just carry all of your books and go with the crowd. You know those videos of people walking around in Tokyo? Imagine that in a confined hallway space. It was nice having a new building to exploit and have new adventures in.

I also started blogging this year back in July on Open Diary. Of course I was young and didn't know what I was getting myself into. Looking back at the poorly written, paragraph-long entries, I see how much I have matured over the years. Of course this also means in some ways I have not matured at all. Yes, I am proud of that!

The moniker I used to use was "The Trombone Emporer", and some "emporer" I turned out to be. I haven't even picked up the old 'bone in probably 4 years. I bet some parts have rusted shut or something. Its kind of sad in a way.

Hastings closed in Springfield this year, and I still miss it to this day. Now I have to travel all the way to Joplin to get my used DVD fix, and that happens about once a year or so. I really do miss it, and still go on about it, much to the chagrin of my friends.


Krispy Kreme donuts became an obession for me, and I still love the sugary goodness of a fresh glazed donut. I had my first pastry in St. Louis this year. I was/still am obessed with cheese.

This is the year I was officially a licensed car driver in the state of Missouri. Biggest mistake the state ever made.

My nickname changed to "JazzyTrombone". Go me. But there WAS this one time at band camp....

Aside from that, 2002 was a fairly ordinary teenage year, filled with angst, depression, emoness, and poor grammar. Looking over my Open Diary, I see many MANY entries about me wishing I had a girlfriend at the time. I still feel that way from time to time nowdays, but the complaints are a little more solid.


This year Mr. Rogers died. It made the little kid inside of you die some. Its sad, really. This is the year I also discovered the book "The Catcher in the Rye", which is still my favorite fictional book to this day. Nothing like reading about an angry teen to make you

I was pretty busy with school because this was inbetween my Junior/Senior year. Band was taking up a lot of my time as well as school in general.

Over that summer I actually had my first girlfriend, even though our relationship only lasted about three days. Sometimes I wonder if I should have stuck with it, but living with a regret like that is just stupid.

That same summer was also my trip to Washington D.C. and I really want to go back, especially just to go through the Smithsonian again. It was a trip that I will never forget and will cherish for the rest of my life. I also went to the Hard Rock Cafe there and that gave me the inspiration to want to go to every Hard Rock Cafe in America one day. I hope I can do that.

I also started work that year at Summer Fresh and began my slow decent into adult cynicism.


A pretty major year for me. First and foremost I graduated from high school and moved on to OTC for electronic and computer repair classes. Graduation was pretty much your run of the mill typical one with people stereotypically crying and reminding each other to stay in touch. Project graduation was a blast, however, and made some nice memories, mostly of myself doing karaoke for the first time ever.

This is also when I started my first major relationship with a girl. I still remember where and when it happened like it was last week. It also changed my character to some extent.


One thing is that I was really getting into The Beatles this year. I am still a huge fan, but I remember that my 128 MB mp3 player had about 90% Beatles music and 10% everyone else. I had a song I appreciated for a spell and still do to some extent. I did a lot of studying on them and still remember some of that stuff to this day, not that it has made me a better person or anything.

In March I got pulled over by a cop. He was a moron.

I also changed my online name to Jazzyt. Not that it has made me a better person or anything.

This was a big year for me as far as my spirituality is concerned. I decided to mature and humble myself and finally get me feet wet and learn about the Bible more. I got baptized and since I have been moonlighting as a preacher at my church from time to time. I have felt pretty happy since then and have felt like that I have done somethign that the most inportant person ever wanted.

As far as online is concerned, I started to finally blog more often, at least once a week, and I began to find another blogging host other than Open Diary which had been open to cyber attacks and just wasn't as well known as other sites. I opened up my short-lived Xanga and began terrorizing people on there in August. Finally on October 1st I settled on this site, Livejournal. Since then I have blogged on here pretty much exclusively, linking other sites to this blog as its what I update the most.

I gave my girlfriend a promise ring, which anyone that knows me would tell you that it is both unexpected and unlike me. It is the closest I have gotten to making a commitment and it made me happy that my lonliness was assuaged for the time being.


This is the year I started to do audio entries. Podcasting has and still allures me and I still want someone to podcast with me....

I got introduced to the Surge cousin known as Vault, and for months I ended my entries with the catch phrase "Conform. Drink Vault". Vault is still my favorite soda and I drink it when I can. Its sad that there is a rumor that it will also be removed if sells aren't good.

I managed to post everyday in Februrary. Yay...Actually, come to think of it, I may have blogged more in 2006 than I do now. Am I slipping? I also started my website at Yeah, it still looks the same from before.

This year was also a big year of watching television shows on DVD. I remember collecting all of Beast Wars and Three's Company and thinking they were the best things since butter sandwiches.

This is also the year I left Summer Fresh for my current job, thus continuing and possibly accelerating my decent into bitterness.

That August I went through one of the blackest periods in recent years and was very unhappy for a long time. I was going through a break up and it was kinda nasty. I took a month off of blogging and then some. Since then I've gotten better, but it has made me scared of having an actual relationship with anyone still to this day.

Actually, I was pretty much in a funk for the rest of 06, so lets go to...


We started off the year with the biggest ice storm in decades. Towns were shut down, power was out, and things were not good at all. I also replaced the original lappy with a bigger piece of junk whick yielded me the MOAL, which is now collecting dust in my room because of the minilappy.

Vault - Red Blitz was released. I was quite the happy monkey.

This was the year I spent a couple of months getting ready for SkillsUSA, a competition I may be returning to this year. All our hard work went down the drain when the robot quit working at the last minute. Bummer.

Oh wow. Heroes was in its awesome first season, and I totally fanboyed out on my blog. I think of it now in its near unwatchable state. It used to be such a good show...That fall Chuck premiered and quickly became my new favorite show.

I also got my electronics and computer repair A.A.S degree from O.T.C.and immediately went back to start on the program I am working on now, which is the Computer Information Sciences program. Fun times.

Oh yeah. I took the CAAP test, which is basically the ACT called the ACT, and found out that I am now more proficient in English than I am in Math. Scary. I remember being floored when I got the results in.

This year I also had a short-lived campaign to get Get Fuzzy in my newspaper. It worked!

I found out that accounting is evil and that game development is a philosophy class.

In October I started a column called "Geek's Weekly" which got renamed "Nerds R Us" which is the now hiatused podcast and my first attempt at having a weekly feature on my blog.


An unseasonal tornado swarm ripped through the area in mid January. Man, how come all the odd weather things happened in January? We also had a pretty bad ice storm in February.

2008 is the year of my obsession of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, my favorite Wii game to this day. I went on and on about it on here so much that I figured I scared most of the readers off of here. Another video game I became obsessed with is Elite Beat Agents, which made me get the Ouendan series and got me started into the realm of Japanese culture, or otaku for those of you with a limited geek vocabulary. One other video game related anomally is that I purchased a PS2 and thus has started my discovery into the non-Nintendo realm of video game consoles.

I took a class that I had to withdraw from. It wa causing too much stress to be worth it. I had the teacher again this year and thankfully passed the class. Glad I won't see him this spring.

This was also the year of the election and my first semi-political charged entries on here. I did not go into how I felt or into the issues, but I talked about more or less the trivial facts. I spent several hours watching polls from news sites and analyzing the possible outcome and saw us elect our first African-American president, Barack Obama.

Wasn't there something else.....oh yeah! I started my new hobby of anime watching and have been hooked ever since. My frist series was School Rumble, which is still a personal favorite of mine, and has expanded greatly.


This year was more or less a continuation of most things in 2007 and 2008. I have become a bigger fan of anime, have gotten into more first person shooter games, though mainly just play Portal now, and have became totally uninterested in Heroes.

Overall, 2009 was a pretty lackluster year. I spent most of my time either blogging about nothing in paticular or working on my features. I have spent more time with good friends of mine, got reacquianted with old friends, and have led a normal, if not boring life. I still work at multinational conglomerate, though it is accelerating towards utter chaos, and the future is more than uncertain for now.

That is all I have to say about 2009. Also keep in mind that I spent 8+ hours of research on my old blogs and entries to remember some of this stuff. I encourage you to look at my Livejournal archives. The ones before it are more teenage non-grammatically correct entries, so look at your own risk.

I can't wait to see what the new decade has in store for us. I personally want to thank everyone who has been a part of my life and has chosen to be a part of this insanity that is my life. I hope and pray that we can brave through this new adventurous decade together again! I know what my goals are, but as I said before, the future is uncertain. Did I predict several years ago that I would still be in college getting a computer science degree? Heck no. I have goals, but what is important is actually a quote I want to close this entry with a quote that has stuck with me for well over half of this decade:

"The adventure is not the goal, but the journey itself."

Happy New Year, and thank you for reading.

The Allengator 2000-2009
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