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Hopes of Licenses and Speculation on Haruhi

First off, I'm going to make an annoucement for all 1 of you who read/follow/stalk my blog. I am not doing a "year in review" entry this year. 2009 has a lot of events, but I don't feel like being one of the millions of people who are recapping the year. I love you guys, but you're not worth the effort :P. Before you click away from this page in disgust, know that I am going to do something different to hopefully make up for the absense of this. Look forward to it!

Funimation is announcing the new acquisitions soon (probably next week) and like most of the saps out there, I am getting my hopes up, probably too much in fact. There are several titles I want to see released in America. Here is a list of shows I want to see licensed (and preferrably dubbed) here in the states, and my assessment on the chances of each title.

  • Shakugan no Shana 2 - Chances of getting licensed 75%. This is the title I want the most out of any of these, and I think the chances are fairly high because it is specifically mentioned during Funimation's virtual convention panel 2.0 as a title a lot of people are asking for. Here's hoping!
  • Toradora! - Chances of getting licensed 50%. This title I also want to see dubbed in America because it promises to be a funny romantic comedy. It was listed in a poll Funimation had on titles people want to see licensed.
  • School Rumble Third Semester OVA - Chances of getting licensed 40%. These are the final two episodes of the series, but Funi may hold off until the manga is caught up in America before they dub it.
  • K-On - Chances of getting licensed 30%. I personally don't care for this series, but peopel for some odd reason seem to like it. I doubt Funi will get it because they don't seem to license a lot of Kyoto Animation shows.
  • Sayanara Zetsubo Sensei - Chances of getting licensed 45%. I would love to see this released in America, but most people seem to be staying away from it because of its suicide theme. This was mentioned in Funimations "What should we license" poll.
  • Hayate the Combat Butler 2 - Chances of getting licensed 20%. The only reason I list it here is because I want someone other than Ban Dai license this because I think it would do better if it were in more capable hands...perferably with a dub attached. I don't think its doing as well as Ban Dai wanted it too, and because of that other distributors will probably stay away from it, which is a shame. The only reason I list this is because it was listed in Funimation's "titles you want to see licensed" poll.
  • Negima OVAs - Chances of getting licensed 50%. The OVA (or whatever you want to call it) has received praise as the best Negima episodes to date because it is both animated well and follows the manga. Since the US is already just past the episodes as far as the manga is concerned, Funi may want to pick this one up to continue the success of the Negima franchise.
  • PaniPoniDash episode 27 - Chances of getting licensed 10%. This is the longest shot I know of. I would love more PaniPoni, even if its just one episode, but the liklihood of it happening is slim at best.
  • Kaze no Stigma 2 - Chances of getting licensed 90%. Perhaps not this time around, but I have no doubts that Funi will license the second series of this show if they haven't already.

So that is my wishlist for titles I want to see. I really really hope they all show up (except for K-On which, as I already established, I don't care for). The liklihood that all of them will is very small as some are kind of obscure, but I am certain at least one of these will show up. If they do, you will get a hyper fanboy post on here pronto!

Also, speaking of licenses, a rumor is circulating over the possibility that the new Haruhi episodes will be here in America. The main source for the rumor is the ASOS Brigade website recently updating itself and it says, and I quote, "Please enjoy at your leisure and relive the excitement, while we work hard to entertain you in the future!". I don't think they would reopen the website without a valid reason and they just created a playlst for the ASOS previous episodes on Ban Dai's official Youtube page. Now, I am not saying it is official, and I am not saying it will get dubbed (Knowing Ban Dai), but I am saying that this is a fair indication that things are leaning in that direction. If they release it, I hope they are smarter about it than they have been with Hayate or other series, especially with the infamous "Endless Eight" episode arc in there. More updates as events warrant.

That is it for today. I have some more work on here to do. Do you like the new layout? I kind of do. The Funimation Rollout Riot is going to commence possibly on the 4th of January if the source on Twitter knows what its talking about. It may be tomorrow for all we know. Anyways, I hope your day is going well. Bye!

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