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Mega Media Monday - 12.28.09 (Best of 2009 Edition)

This week's Mega Media Monday is about the best videos of 2009, at least in my opinion. Now my goal was to include videos that I have not used in the feature before so I think at least 4 out of 5 qualify for that. But all of these were widely talked about and watched in 2009, so come on in and look at them!

Kanye Vs. Swift

Ok, I am tired of hearing about this junk. Yeah, Kanye is a jerk, but that isn't exactly anything new. Can we just agreee that both of them suck at singing and go on with our lives?

Sleepwalking Dog

David After Dentist

I want what this kid is on! Gotta love the parent exploiting a dumb kid on the Internet, just to sell merchandise. Classy.

Keyboard Cat

L00k at teh kitteh bein k00l. 1 b3t he had has cheezburger.

Muppet Bohemian Rhapsody

I know I said that this list was "in no paticular order", but this would easily be my pick for best/most epic video on the web this year. I mean we see a lot of the classic Muppets sing probably Queen's most recognized song outside of "We Will Rock You" while adding their brand of humor to it. They are working on a new Muppet movie, and I hope videos like this and "Ode to Joy" help give the Muppets the comeback they deserve. I mean they never went out, but some people seem to have forgotten them. Anyways, just watch it if you're one of the three who haven't seen it yet. It truly is the most epic video of 2009.

And that concludes Mega Media Monday for the year 2009. Do you have a video that you think should be on the list? Let's hope 2010 is full of even funnier and more viralness from more creative people, and I hope all viewers have a safe and prosperous new year. Until next year, happy watching!

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