Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Finals Crunch Time, Take 13

Don't worry, I have things to blog about, I just do not have the time this week. Next week will be better, I think. I have a final project, final exam, and documentation on said final project to complete, and after all they typing, I really don't feel as compelled to type in my blog that you guys can read for free. Yesterday, I worked so hard and long that my eyes were burning towards the end of the night. Thank goodness for chats (where I don't have to be near the screen) or else my eyes might have dissolved into their sockets.

So pardon the lack of blogs this week. I will have juicier things in store next week ;).*

* - Juicier things may or may not include the same mundanity you see on here.**

** - This is almost a certainty.

The Allengator

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