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Outings and Boxes with an X

Once again I have essentially neglected my bloggingness on here. Oddly enough, this is my very open week as far as work is concerned. I find it odd that I blog more when I'm busy than when I am not. Maybe its a form of stress relief? Who the heck knows.

Despite not having much to do (i.e. not scheduled at work do to douche-like scheduling) I have had a full plate of things happen the past week. Actually, I kinda take that back. Everything happened on Saturday.

First off, I am the new maybe proud owner of an XBOX 360. SHOCKER!!!!! I know what you are asking. "Allengator, I thought you were a Nintendo fanboy!" Well, I still play my DS fairly often, but my Wii is starting to collect some dust. It may be cleaned off this Sunday (New Super Mario Bros. Wii FTW), but I don't see a lot of playtime in its future. Besides, I got an offer I couldn't refuse: a $100 giftcard with purchase of an Arcade system.

Admittedly, I am getting an XBOX mainly for the download games. They have all the Banjo-Kazooie games on there, plus a slew of others including an extended Portal game, Eets, Prince of Persia classic, and arcade classics. I wouldn't be playing very many disc games because most are either bloody FPS or Madden, and I am not a huge fan of either, even though I gained new appreciation of FPS over the past year. Maybe I'll get Modern Warfare 1?

Then I went to Springfield with my sister and two very good friends of mine, and by very good friends I totally mean possible candidates for carrying my future spawn. Anyways, I totally blew everyone away at minigolf, mainly becausw I was consistant with my suckiness. All of us got at least one hole-in-one, but I usually got bogeys or 2 over par. Its like my bowling score, where I am consistant with gutterballs. I wish I remembered to get my camera out of the car to take pics but I was caught up in the moment and forgot. I also hit three out of five balls at a batting cage. Yes, I am mediocre.

We went to Deal$, but they were closed by the time we got there, so we went to Wendy's where I got my usual bacon and cheese potato. They told me we could go wherever I wanted since it was my Saturday off. I didn't think of that until they mentioned it. This was my first Saturday off in onver a year, so I needed to savor it. I don't usually allow myself to have company with people all that often, so this is about when the spontanaity kicked in.

For those of you who don't know me, I am a structured person. I pick out where I want to go, go there, and rarelt deviate from the plan, but both Brandy and Loretta convinced me to do things on the fly. This is when things started to go downhill, only not really.

We decided to go to a Starbucks. I have never been to one before...........In all likelihood, I probably won't go to one for a long time. Pretty disappointed in it. I got a chocolate banana smoothie that tasted like nothing, except with globs in it that had the consistancy of snot. After it melted some, it tasted like burnt banana. This makes me appreciate Brewer's here in town more.

Then we decided to go to the Palace and see 9. I showed them my n00b skills at Guitar Hero (I failed on medium. Me FTL), then played some odd rendition of DDR. I didn't know any of the songs, so that didn't go too well. Someone vandalized the air hockey tables and stole the pucks out of them, so we couldn't play air hockey. I spent a little alone time with both the girls and then we went in to see 9. You can see my review of it back a couple entries or so. movie.

After that the girls mentioned getting food for their pets, so we stopped by the local stupidcenter and got the food. I also got Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts which I still haven't opened yet, mainly because I am afraid to be disappointed considering the reviews of the game are still kinda high, but not as good as either N64 title. And it focuses on building vehicles, and that

Aside from the car ride, nothing else spectacular happened during the trip, but it was fun going out with people I really like and being random, wandering off the beaten itenerary was pretty fun. I have forgotten what that felt like.

Skip to Monday. I thought I would try the random thing again after school. I went to another stupidcenter to get an XBOX points card, and was severely disappointed that their food section had a considerable lack of Pocky sticks. I found a Christmas present for my mom, so I got that and left.

On the way home, I forgot about this huuuuuuuuge gas station next to the old highway that I wanted to check out, but when I saw it I thought "why not". So I went in, was blown away by their selection of good (especially coffee), got curious about the section labeled "showers" (not what it means, but why its there to begin with), and got a choco milkshake. Very yummy.

Then I went home and watched the first disc of the second Sgt. Frog collection and laughed my head off. Seriously, if you want a good time, check out Sgt. Frog. It really is quite funny. Let me spell it out for you, they solve a problem using synchronized swimming. They justify swimming because "athletes make good soldiers, and no one trains harder than athletes competing in the olympics, so they choose synchronized swimming". I am definately getting future edition of this fantastic anime because it is entertaining without being raunchy, unlike most modern tv shows.

Oh yeah, I have also given up on Heroes. I cannot recognize it as the same show anymore.

Aside from my back from being kinda sore, nothing else to report....well...there is one thing...

Let's just say I find myself in a situation where I really like two girls, and it seems to escalate by the day. I've been thinking about it more than I probably should, but I have to put my foot down and make a decision soon before someone gets hurt. I may have to post on it later, because I am getting feelings I thought I forgot. Maybe emo-gator will be a thing of the past....

...well, except I have work, and that place is always open for rantings. So maybe not?

Wow, I better head to school. I may be possibly posting a lyrics entry soon. So if I'm not blogging, please remember that I'm either playing videogames, or am out with some hot girls, except the fact that I'm a major dork and I just wanted to sound cool ;).

Anyways, I hope your lives are going swell. See you around the series of tubes!

The Allengator

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