Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Random Thoughts From the Movie '9'

Last night I was having a blast with my sister and a couple good friends of mine (they were both girls, so I hope people didn't think I was either a pimp or gay). We decided to go see a movie randomly, and they let me choose, and the movie was 9. After the movie was over, the general consensus was that I am never allowed to pick a movie again.

While it wasn't a horrible movie, there were some problems with it. With me being a geek/gamer, some things just bothered me. Allow me to explain.

Quick timeline of thoughts

0:01 - Holy gosh! Toy Story!!!

0:03 - OMG SACKBOY!!!!!!!!!

0:07 - The world in post apocalyptic 3?

0:30 - The world is in ruins because of a robot....

0:31 - A robot with a sphere and red eye thingie...

0:32 - ....where have I seen that.....

0:33 - Ah! GLaDOS FROM PORTAL!!!!!!!!

0:35 - Starts singing "Still Alive"

1:20 - Movie is over and I thought "Toy Story was sooooooo much better than that."

1:23 - Everyone else agrees and says I pick out bad movies. I agree.

And that is my review of 9. A mix of Little Big Planet, Fallout 3, and Portal. Maybe worth a $1 rental from redbox, but not much more than that.

The Allengator

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