Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Allengator's Halloween Movie 2009

Nosferatu. Never repeat his name aloud, or else something bad will happen to you.

This is a 1922 Silent German expessionist film about the German incantation of Dracula. The name Dracula couldn't be used, so they had to change it to Nosferatu. Now here is why this film is creepy.

1) Its silent. Nothing creepier than a silent movie at night.
2) Its foreign. Foreign horror films are pretty much scarier than the American Counterparts.
3) The music will send chills down your spine.
4) Nosferatu is teh cr33py. Seriously, long fingernails, sinister grin, serial killer instinct...he has it all.

So enjoy this very classic horror film. It'll leave you in stitches, both from the over-acting, and the blood-curdling tension.

The Allengator
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