Allen (allengator86) wrote,

Finally, an Update!...of Sorts....

Wow, so sorry about the hiatus, right? Well, this week has been more than a little hectic.

Monday I started off on a bad foot because I was not feeling good at all, if you couldn't tell from my Mega Media Monday entry, so I cut class because the flu (swine or not) is really hitting the area around here pretty bad and going to school with an already weak immunity system is a no no in my book. Besides, I couldn't even walk in a straight line, so do you think I should have been driving? No.

Other than the abomination known as work, which is slowly turning me insane as I found out with me randomly laughing in the parking lot, I've been playing catch up with stuff. Tuesday I finished my work from school and worked on the lessons I missed, even though they were confusing at best. I still haven't finished my work for database, but we will see how the weekend goes.

Wednesday after school my friend Aaron came over and we had fun playing Mario Bros. 3 and watching anime like Sgt. Frog and PaniPoni Dash, which he evidently liked, so that may be up for review sooner than I thought. I figured to really appreciate PaniPoni Dash you needed some anime exposure previously, which I still think is necessary, but not as much as I though as he was almost literally rotfloling in the living room. He also managed to best me at swordplay on Wii Sports Resort, so now I finally have a rival for that game. That went late into the night, so updating this thing was kinda out of the question since the soonest I could have updated it was -

Thursday we got our first upgrade copy of Windows 7 in the mail and it was a pain in the hiney to install on my mother's already faulty computer. Let me tell you, HP and Vista do not make a happy couple. Any HP machine I have ever had has ran Vista with as many bugs as a horrible NES title. After spending about 8+ hours working on the installation (noone should encounter the same troubles I had. I was a special case) I got it working early in the morning, I'm talking close to 3 AM Friday.

Friday a few minutes later my old lappy decided to go buggy, so I had to do a system restore on it and its slowly downloading the game Assassin's creed which I bought from Steam for cheapies. Seriously, $5. So at least it will be ready when our next copy of Windows 7 comes in later this week. Seriously, can't freaking wait to get rid of Vista from my old lappy. Maybe I will start using it more after that. I'm also considering putting it on this minilappy, because I meet the specs, and I prefer 7 to XP. We will see. I can get it for $30 since I have a student email, so I have a while to decide.

So all in all, that is why I have been too busy to blog on here, but I have time now and...well...I have nothing else to add for now. Just giving you guys an update. Unless I blog before the afternoon is over tomorrow, I will probably not update again for a while. I've just been too busy with everything this week to keep track of my infamous "wit" and "humorous" "anecdotes" on here, so I'm hoping next week will be less hectic than this one.

I wish you guys well in all your endeavors!

The Allengator
Tags: pani poni dash, sgt. frog

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