Allen (allengator86) wrote,

A Not-Date From Years Ago

Another trip down memory lane.

It was in the middle of summer, and I was driving in my grey '89 Grand Am without air conditioning. Today was going to be fun because I was going to be going to Springfield with a friend. The friend happened to be a girl and I thought she was cute, so you can imagine what teenage horomones were traveling in that stuffy car.

We talked a lot online and had quite a bit in common. Whenever we had school trips, we hung out the most, so it was nice to be alone with her without a chaperone. In a way, in my eyes, this was going to be a nice date.

The first place we decided to go was the mall. She wanted to find some pants. I just followed her because I didn't have a need to buy clothes from Old Navy. She looked around for the better part of a half hour. After that we hit a couple of other stores in the mall, mainly clothing ones for women. I refrained from going to places like Waldenbooks, Radio Shack, and Babbages. I mean I wanted her to be happy.

We had a quick meal at the food court. I believe she had some pizza from Sbarro. I had a potato. I love potatoes, as I have established on here many times. We made some small talk during our time together and I just felt like we were gelling. I enjoyed being around here even for a meal, so I was starting to think of expanding our relationship past the friendship point. It was a thought.

We then went to the movies and saw "Minority Report". She was completely engrossed in the movie. All I remember is that some guy gets new eyes to avoid being detected by government eye scanners. We were in the dark, and since she was focused so much on the movie, I snuck a look at her figure. It was more intriguing than the movie blaring in my eardrums. I thought about grasping her hand, but I decided not to at the last minute. I didn't want to seem prude.

After the movie we decided to go home, but along the way she told me she needed to find a home where someone lived, so we were wondering around the countryside in a twilight realm. After about 20 minutes of searching, she thinks she found it and wants to move on. Evidently she was going to a party there later in the month.

About another half hour later and I had her home. She thanked me for the fun time and I told her that I enjoyed her comapany and said we should do it again sometime. She agreed and left. In my excitement, I drove around the country with the song "Jungle Love" blaring in my speakers, and I was yelling for the day and the possible relationship that would henceforth come.

A month passed, then another. I saw her at school but she had schedules and stuff and always had an excuse to be busy. I then found out what was up.

I was her errand cheuffeur.

After this revelation, I decided to not try to go on long trips with women who would take advantage of me. Its kind of hard for me to trust girls in this aspect, but that is life, I suppose. I just think if you are stringing someone along like a flirt that you at least have the decency to have a discussion with them after taking advantage of their kindness. Ok, yes, honesty is the best policy, but I learned something important that day, aside from how much "Minority Report" sucked. What I learned was that taking advantage of someone's emotions is wrong and I would never do that and also that I needed to be smarter to not get in that situation again.

Right now I have a fear that I haven't learned either of these.

The Allengator

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    One last Twet for the day. I took off the last layer of pants and underwear and put my jogging shorts on for sleepy time. Night everyone!

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    I love monkeys!

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    @BobMarley Your songs sound like a wailing hippie that is being killed by a grumbling acid tripper.

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