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Mega Meta Media Monday 10.05.09 (Kanon (2006) Edition)
Ice King, Adventure Time
Its time for another Mega Meta Media Monday and this time I have a special treat for you guys in the form of a tragedy/drama/comedy anime. It has all of these and STILL manages to be a terrific show! Hit the link below to hear me gush on about it, then watch a couple courtesy of the uber annoying MegaVideo. Grr.

Download the track here..

Kanon 01

Kanon 02

Watch more Kanon here!

I sincerely hope you give this anime the chance it deserves, and it certainly earned all the praise other anime reviewers have given it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

That is it for this week's Mega Meta Media Monday. I hope your week goes well. As always requests are a necessity to keep stuff like this going, so send them in pretty please! As I always say on these entries, happy watching!

The Allengator
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