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Mega Media Monday 09.28.09 (Anime ED Edition)

This is it! Its the final week of our "Anime Music" theme here on Mega Media Monday and I have several neat videos for you to enjoy on your Monday.

As you may have guessed in anime ED stands for the Ending Theme for a show. Now out of all of the music we have looked at so far I think I have more EDs I like than either OPs or BGMs. The five I have here are just the tip of the iceberg, so go inside and check them out!

Wait, what? What do you mean "I said I wouldn't do it?"....Hmmmm. Ah! I said three weeks ago that the next one wouldn't be the ending themes, but that's true because the one two weeks ago was BGMs, and I never said I wouldn't do an ED edition, so there :P. Me, for the win.

School Rumble Forever!

This is evidently the ending sequence to the series. I have yet to watch "San Gakki" but they did the same song (albeit a little more rockin) for the ending of the first season. This should do for now.

Chobits - Raison d'etre

Angelic Layer - Ameagari

Negima Ala Alba - Kagayaku Kimi He

This is the same ending to the original Negima! series, but this is the version from the latest ODA series that gives it more or a militant/schoolish feel. I still prefer the original myself, but this one is very good as well.

Pani Poni Dash - Moonlight Love

This is probably the ending theme I have listened to the most over the past few months, but I am not sure why. The awesome thing about PaniPoni Dash is that the ending to the episodes are different in animation. The first one, Girlppi, had different floating....items....nearly every time, and Moonlight Love had some tarot and poker cards (Don't ask me) and then what I am assuming are poker chips. It made it interesting to watch everytime, similar to Lucky Star and how every episode ended with a different song. Anyways, longwinded explaination aside, enjoy the song :D!

Annnnnnnnnnnnd that's it for anime music....for now. There will be some more in the future, but I figure I shouldn't burn you out of anime music just yet. I hope you found some new songs you like and if you ever want to find songs, I suggest sites like Keiichi Anime Forever or Ffshrine for your music finding needs.

Do you have some suggestion for themes or videos? Send me those and I will do the best I can with them. Those are always welcome via comment, email, or telepathy. Join me again next week for some more fun things! Happy watching!

The Allengator
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